Washington DC/USA, is Pure Evil, and Nothing But Evil

Washington DC and the USA are the same entity, and nether one is America or Americans.

Now the American Head Up Assus Sheep, are a despicable, stupid, purposely ignorant, ball-less, cowardly, collaborating with evil, disgusting me first, whats in it for me, lying sacks of pit shit.

The USA, is an International for Profit, corporation. It was incorporated illegally under British Empire Law. Yes, thats the same British empire which the American Rebels, who fought a long, bloody, hard fought war against, to win their personal freedom from.

So the Zionist bankers, Lawyers, and “elites”, Stole that freedom from Americans AFTER they had won it from the British Empire, and sold Americans back to the Empire as Slaves, with them as overseers.

Never doubt that USA, is part of the Empire, it is NOT the head of the Empire.

USA/Empire, have farmed the American people like cattle, slave labor, cannon fodder, sex toys.

USA/Empire, have used America, the land, to steal it’s wealth to fund the Empire.

There are less than twenty, years in the whole history of the USA, that they have not been murdering people in Zionist banker wars. Some declared, some not.

The Empire was built on war. Innocent human blood is the lubricant for the gears of the Empire.

If i may humbly borrow Denis Diderot’s line, and change it slightly, up dated really,
Man will never be free until the last “elite’ has been strangled with the entrails of the last Zionist Usury Banker.

The Empire will never stop waging war on humanity, until there is no Empire.

The key to freedom for Americans, is education. No, not schooling. Real education. Facts, truth, real history, not the Alice in Wonderland crap they shoved up your ass and down your throat in the government indoctrination centers which are know as “public schools’.

Do not read what some one said someone did. Read the words of the one who did it. Not every case do we have their own words, many times yes, but we have the words of those around them. Some are pretty close to facts, and some are made up Puritan Zionist crap. One must learn to smell the crap, and avoid it, unless one wishes to use it to show that itIS crap.

If Americans want their freedom, they have to educate themselves. Oh yes, they are going to have to grow a set. They are going to have to actively seek truth, honor, integrity, courage.

Not a lot of time left before the organic material hits the propulsion system.

John Carleton

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