US charged with de facto invasion of Syria and openly supporting ISIS -Darkmoon.

There is too much evidence to be ignored any longer. The USA/Washington DC international corporation for profit, incorporated illegally under British Empire law, is an International War Criminal organization.

Our children, the American children, have been fed from birth, propaganda by their occupiers, that the corporation is really a government, and that it has rules which must be followed.

One of these is that the President of the USA, is Commander in Chief of the USA military.

Ok! The USA military has been doing war crimes for well over two hundred years. But all that time can not be blamed on Trump.

BUT! The war crimes the USA Military after he took office, are his. This means he is an International War Criminal, unless, he is just a puppet, he really is not in control of the military.

So he is either an International war criminal, or everything that American Children have been indoctrinated with as truth of Washington DC/USA, is not just a lie, but a DAMN lie.

Can not have it both ways.

John C Carleton

US charged with de facto invasion of Syria and openly supporting Isis

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