Thank You For Your Service, Or, Bend Over for Uncle Sugar One More Time!

If you are a war vet, and Americans find out about it, they have this thing they say. Thank you for your service. They don’t mean it, don’t have a clue what they are thanking you for, but they like Pavlov’s dogs, are trained from birth to react tis way when they meet a war veteran.

So! Lets look at what they are thinking you for. International war crimes. Thats what they are thinking you for. Murdering defenseless civilians in one of their Usury Banker wars, which did not need to happen, and would not have happened except for the evil of the self appointed “elite”. Yes, there is also murdering combatants where you have a chance of getting killed, blown up, crippled, physiologically messed up, for the evil bastards who own and direct the International for profit corporations.

Some vets may be upset with my words, so let me explain why when you killed them, it was murder, even if they were trying to kill you, it is murder. If they killed you, it would be self defense.

Gang breaks into someones home, starts robbing, raping, man of the house, tries to stop the evil being done to his family, in their own home, by ass holes who were not invited in. If the ass holes kill him, it is murder, if he kills the gang, it is justified homicide and self defense.

The International for Profit Corporation, incorporated illegally under British Empire Law, doing business as the USA/UNITED STATES, has a long history of illegal invasions of Sovereign States ands Nations.
There is not but two wars in the history of the USA which can be justified.

The First American War for Freedom. The men who fought to rid themselves of the parasitic British Empire, had a right to do that. All men have a right to fight to throw off slave hood.
The freedom they won, was stolen from them by elites, usury bankers, and zionist bastards just a few short years later.

The Second American War for Freedom, 1861-1865, and then only the Southern Soldiers actions were justified, because the damn Zionist yankee bastards, had broken into their home, was robbing, raping, murdering Southerners in their own country and States.

If you know the real history of the USA, you can not justify another damn war the USA ever fought, because most times, the bastards in Washington DC, set the war up with lies, propaganda, and false flags.

So if one were a 1st war for freedom vet, or a Confederate vet, thanking them would be proper and honorable.

A vet of ANY OTHER USA war, did acts as an international war criminal.

One should not be thanked for doing international war crimes, one should not thank others for doing international war crimes.

I think that about covers it EXCEPT, one more thing to show the American people really don’t give a shit about the veterans, they are just saying empty words they have been trained to say.

The contract, between a person enlisting in the USA Military, and the USA is, If the USA, in sending you to war, gets you screwed up, they will take care of you, your family, in the areas they caused to happen, and to the extent they caused it to happen.

The VA, is there as a great looking wonderful front, to a building, when you enter in, you find a dilapidated slum, and if one inspects the roof and other three sides, they find they are cardboard tacked over tar paper walls.

The VA’s 1st job is to make the American people think, the veterans are taken care of, so they don’t have any guilt, and they keep sending their children to get their asses blown off for Monsanto/Goldman Sacs.

The VA’s second job, is to fuck the veteran in every conceivable way possible. And they are Damn good at it.

If the VA/USA/congress/president, are taking care of America’s poor kids, they get screwed up in their Usury Banker wars, based on lies and false flags, why is there so many “charities, having to beg money from the public, to give the veterans things that the President, Congress, and the American Public, should make damn sure they have.?

Because they are not doing what they promised to do. Because they do not give a flying fuck about the veterans, or they would do what they promised.

Heres where the empty words of the public comes in. If the American public, gave a flying fuck for these veterans, they would force the ass holes in Washington DC to keep their word to the vets. They would see that the vets WERE taken care of, but the don’t give a tinkers damn!

The local city corporation, tried to extend their “jurisdiction”, to my land. I shoved that up their asses, but they tried.

Had a foreigner, had some money, lawyer where he came from, buy some old houses, knock them down, and start building fancy houses which ran the property tax up on old people been living there fifty years. He decided i should not have my milk goats, and my wife her miniature horses. He asked a favor, or bribes someone, tried to sic the dog catches who will not catch dogs on me.

I handed the city minion a legal notice that made her tuck her tail and get, but before she did, she tried to used the ole, well your neighbors do not like blah blah.

I told her, i went to war because these damn people willed it. When because of being used as a lab rat, experimented on by the USA, put through situations in that damn war which should not have happened to troops by their own brass, for politics sake, i could no longer work, i had to fight the bastards for seven years, while my wife worked her ass off, harmed her health, to keep us from loosing everything. Because, the bastards who took my money all those years, because they were going to “help” me when i needed it, refused to give me my money back. I further told her, that in all that time, did she know how many of the sheep she was calling my “neighbors”, lifted a finger to do anything to help us, or my wife? Not one of them, not a damn one gave a shit.

Therefore i informed her, i did not give a damn or a flying fuck what the damn sheep wanted or liked.
They did not give a shit about me, i do not give a shit about them.

The sheep must be educated, so they are not self serving dumb greedy ball-less animals if America is to ever be other than a shit hole, a bunch of slaves to pedophile Washington DC “Elites”. They learn, grow a set, i will except them as humans, but for now they are disgusting, enabling, collaborating, war criminal sheep.

Time for sheep to stop bleating in fear, grow a set, and educate themselves.

Until then, i have as much concern for them, as they had me.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

2 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Service, Or, Bend Over for Uncle Sugar One More Time!

  1. God's dad says:

    Hey JCC, just a quick word on this bit, The First American War for Freedom. The men who fought to rid themselves of the parasitic British Empire, had a right to do that. All men have a right to fight to throw off slave hood.
    The freedom they won, was stolen from them by elites, usury bankers, and zionist bastards just a few short years later.
    My take was that they didn’t win any freedom but handed the whip over through ignorance to others in connivance with themselves in the war, a sort of “yeah, lets go fight the British (and I’ll keep the spoils when we’re done, mwa! mwa! mwa!)”. A new taxman.

    • John C Carleton says:

      There was freedom, before the Articles of Confederation being murdered by elites and bankers, and replaced with the current “constitution”.

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