Most people in Texas Ain’t Texans!

In the late 1970’s, i was working construction, laying pipe, in chemical plants around Houston Texas. I was an oddity, because i was a native Texan. The rest, were yankee ass holes with some coon asses from across the border in Louisiana.

So there are generations and generations of people who live in Texas, who consider themselves Texans, who real texans consider to be the spawn of Damn Yankees.

Now if you are reading this and are not from North America, or went through one of the government indoctrination centers known as public schools, i will explain.

A Yankee, is one of those scum from the norther States who’s ancestors raped children, murdered children, Gang raped minister’s daughters, and nuns, who murdered indiscriminately, men, women, children, the sick, the old, live stock, who burned homes, churches, courthouses, out houses, pig pins, barns, bridges, convents. The same cowardly bastards who starved untold thousands oc southern civilians to death, lots of blacks included, by stealing their food and destroying what they could not steal. who after the end of the second American War for Freedom, occupied, as evil, illegal invaders, war criminals, the Southern Sovereign States, and put them through a ten year program of terrorism, because the South did not bend over, spread the cheeks of their asses, and take Uncle Sugar’s pedophilic dick up their their asses without a fight. You descend from those ass holes, you are a Yankee.

Damn Yankee. Same as the above, but they come to Texas, and REFUSE to leave. They just will not get their zionist worm eaten brain meat sandwiches, the FUCK out of TEXAS!

Damn Yankees! bNow where was i?

Oh yes!

So all the politics, all the pussyed out, bleeding heard hypocrite zionist yankee ass holes you hear about in Texas, are foreigners. They AIN’T TEXANS! Even worse, most of them are spawn of DAMN YANKEES eaten up with the zionist virus.

Let me relate to you, a short story of a real Texan, from Gonzales, Texas.

The Doctor, who delivered my father many years after this story took place, was a Texan. A real damn one in a time when Texas was not so over run with hypocritical damn yankee ass holes and their spawn.

The good doctor, was no one to mess with. He had killed several men in gun fights. One did not want to mess with the man. Good man if you did not screw with him. Seems logical and fair.

The doctor, had examined the female parts of a women, in the line of duty. Her husband, being an ignorant ass hole, decided that the doctor had dishonored him and his wife. Got drunk, went to town, went to the docs office, started cussing him, vulgarly.

Doc told him to leave. Man kept cussing him. Doc locked up his office, walked down the street, trying to get away from the rude, stupid, ass hole.

After two blocks, Doc reaches in his pocket and pulls out a finger cleaning pocket pin knife, with a blade about one and a quarter inches long, reached up and cut the artery in the mans throat.

Man did not cuss him any more.

Thats how real Texans deal with Damn Yankee scum and ass holes.

If you find yourself living in Texas, and it’s people seem not learned enough in ass kissing and political correctness than seems to fit your zionist ass, get the fuck out!

Go back to Yankee land.

Have a nice trip now, you hear?

Enough bull shit.

I want my grandchildren to be free!

John C Carleton

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