One Has to be Willingly Ignorant, or Genetically Challenged, to Believe the Israhell Hoax

The Babylonian Judaic cult, and the Zionist Christian cult, (formally know as “Puritans”, they self declared themselves the pure race), now race neutral, (anyone can be a Puritan scum bag Zionist), peddle a fairy tail. A nightmare really, and certainly so for the victims of these sick cults, the murdered/raped/in-slaved, untold millions of innocent humans.

It goes like this. The one and ONLY GOD, (because they say so), created this earth, and all in it in seven days. He made Adam and Eve, they populated the earth. All humanity comes from them. Course, they do not explain where the women the sons of Adam and Eve married and had children with came from, as the is absolutely no mention of them having even one daughter. Sons are listed.

Now after a bunch of things happened, and there were a lot of different groups of humans living on the earth, (each and everyone a descendant of Adam and Eve, talk about incest, this “one and only God”, in the whole universe, picked the Hebrew people, to be his earthly pets. He had them murder a lot of people, their farm animals bash little babies brains out against rocks, make human sacrifices and blood offerings. He then promised them that they were VERY special people, the pure race, the chosen ones. He further informed them they had the right to do any damn thing they wanted to to the lesser beings, people not Hebrew.

Damn, sounds just like the war criminal USA Washington DC Evil Empire when they invaded the Sovereign Souther States.

SO this demon war god, who always demanded blood, and a lot of it, promised them this little piece of land. He had them go murder all the inhabitants, and move in, use homes, wealth, cities which the did not labor to build, for they own use. Because they are the pure, chosen “race”, remember, thats why.

The Romans moved in, kicked their butts, and took over. Under Roman rule, the very special chosen ones, got the hell out of Dodge! Oh it took several hundred years, but the smart ones pulled up stakes, went off to murder people fewer in number than them, and steal their lands and wealth. The ones left, eventually disappeared as a sub race, because as always happens, a smaller group will intermarry with the tribes or peoples around them, and after many generations, there is no memory of that tint speck in ones thousands of thousands of family lines.

But! And this is one big butt, the world is to believe, that the “descendants” of the ones who pulled up stakes and left to murder other groups in different locations, now have the right to return to this little place a couple of thousand years later, murder all who stayed behind, and others who have been tending the land for a couple of thousand years, and steal their land and stuff.

Because the “one and only God”, as per the very special chosen ones, remember, the pure “race” which is allowed to do any damn thing they want to anyone else, said so!

This is pure unadulterated USDA GRADE A Zionist Bull Shit.

First, the Babylonian religious cult, is made up of many Sub races, but the Zionist, the real evil bastards, are not the descendants of the Hebrews.

They are from the Steppes of Russia. The Khazars converted to the Babylonian Judaic cult religion, some where between 700-800 AD.

This was not the Hebrew religion or “God” who the Hebrews worshiped during King David’s and King Saul’s time. This Babylonian cult was a product of the Hebrews being slaves in Babylon for generations.

What Jesus was really doing, was trying to get the Hebrews to stop their evil serving and ways of the Babylonian cult, he was calling out corrupted religious and political whores, and to return to the god of their fathers. Thats why they killed him.

I would imagine, that if one was transported from Jesus’s time, and put down in modern Washington DC, the cloths and buildings might look strange, but the religious and political whore would look just like the Hebrew ones two thousand year back.

OK, lets forget that this cult are not the descendants of the Hebrews, and there are thousands of recognized “god” known to humanity.

This demon war god, promises you a house. After a few generations, your descendants either sell it or abandon it. Two thousand years later, some of your descendants, go back to that house, break in by force, rape and murder the owners of that house. they steal all the wealth and move into the house, Remember, they are very special and chosen people in their own Zionist virus eaten minds.

Thats call, breaking and entering, rape, murder, war crime, theft, robbery. These are all crimes against humanity, they are all major criminal offenses, with most carrying the death penalty throughout history.

I am afraid that part of the world will not “live happily ever after”, until the last Zionist is strangled with the entrails of the last Usury banker.

I would think the world had had enough of this crap already.

Humanity can not evolve further, until this evil is gone.

Time to educate ones self in REAL history.

Time to defend your families and children. Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

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