Three USA Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan,if the USA was not Occupying Afghanistan, They Would be Alive

I am not unsympathetic to the families of these men. I have seen the lives destroyed by the loss of a son, father, brother, and now, females also. There were five of us boys, One served occupation forces, Japan, and in country, Korean War. One served a year in Viet Nam, one did Desert Shield and Storm.

The truth must be looked at however. The USA military today, is a mercenary force, made up of poor kids who could not find the same bennies in a civilian job, especially as civilian job are few and far between nowadays, and whats there is usually low paying part time with out bennies.

The officer corps, is made up of people who could find a way to do four years in college, swallow the bull shit being fed as education now days, regurgitate it on a piece of paper on command. But most of them, could not make it in the civilian business world. The USA officer corps, is a well fare program. It gives jobs to college graduates who can not in the real world, apply successfully, what they supposably learned in those hallowed halls.

Now and again, admitted, there are the adrenal junkies, the guys who’s DNA has programed in it, warrior. These are usually the best guys to hang around. they tend to take their trade seriously, and continually try to improve their ability to kill the enemy in more and more different ways, and from ever increasing distances. They are hard wired for the job. Best the USA military has today.

No one is going to invade America. Lot of people hate America, with just cause, for the actions of the USA. America, Americans, and the USA are not the same thing, never have been, never will be. The USA however, could not have done the two hundred plus years of war crimes it has done, without the complicity of the Head up Assus American Sheep.

Not all Americans, one of my great grandfathers and three of my Great-Great grandfathers shot the USA raping, murdering, invading, peddophilic, ministers daughter and nun gang raping, silverware stealing, home, church, convent, pig pin, barn, court house, out house burning, digging up and desecrating the dead, yellow belled zionist yankee scum.

The USA is a for profit international corporation. It was incorporated, under British Empire Law. The Same British Empire that so many died to get free of in the first American Revolution war for Freedom, the grandsons and great grandsons of those who fought for freedom, were one again fighting for freedom in the late war of aggression of the criminal USA against the Sovereign States. That means, the zionist bastards, (They used to call themselves Puritans), stole the freedom from the men, and their descendants, who did the fighting and dying, while they hid from danger on the battle field.

So what did those men over there die for. Sure as hell was not for the good of America or Americans. Was not for freedom, Americas freedom was stolen when the first Constitution was murdered by the Zionist bankers, politicians, elites, and it was replaced with the current “constitution”. This “constitution”, is what allowed the IRS to throw people in prison, if they did not pay tribute to Washington. It is what allowed FDR to steal American’s gold in 1933. It is what allowed the zionist bastards and bitches of Zion, (never forget the female zionist, they are often more vicious than their male counterparts), to drag America into two USURY Banker world wars which were none of the concern of America or Americans.

They died for a corporation which does not give a shit that they are dead. The lying sack of scum Washington politician may say some words like they give a shit, but they do not give a flying fuck!

You doubt that, read up on the USS Liberty.

You doubt that, talk to the USA service people that the USA Government used for lab rats. Experimented on.

You doubt that, go to any Veteran Hospital, and talk to the veterans about the way they are treated, while the whores of Washington DC get life time golden parachutes and top line medical care.

You doubt that, talk to the spirits, of the Prisoners Of War, the USA knowingly left behind in the aftermath of WW 2, Korea, Viet Nam.

After all, as the International war criminal and elite pedophile Henry Kissinger said, “Military personal are dumb animals, pawns to be used in foreign policy”.

So it is time for Americans realize, if they sign up for the USA military, they become the enemy of the American people, a mercenary force, which murders innocent people, invades sovereign Nations, for the profit, and perverse pleasure, of baby raping and murdering War criminals who work for an International Criminal Corporation. They become,an International War Criminal.

So while i personally feel for the sorrow the families are going through, their loved ones did not die for freedom or America.

The reason they are dead, is because the Corporation sent then as an invasion/occupation force. The reason they are dead, is because the pedophilic sons of zionist bitches, and zionist bitches, who staff the whore houses of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, sent them to do an international war crime, and the invaded fought back.

Same as i would do if it was my country, my home, my family, i was trying to protect from a great evil.

Only the American People can kill the beast of evil/Washington DC. This does not need to lead to war, revolution;ution and violence.

Just stop helping them.

Just stop collaborating against American and the world with them.

Just stop complying with them.

Stop joining their mercenary military.

Let the Gores, Bushes, Clintons, Obamas,Rothschilds, and other such zionist scum do the murdering and the dying.

Damn well guarantee you, these damn Banker wars would stop.

John C Carleton

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