Your Life Here, Is a School, With Periodic Exams, and a Final Exam, Nothing More

When i use the word human, i guess i am referring to this meat sandwich the living souls, the energy, the essence, by whatever name one uses to refer to that which is individually each and every one of us.

That leaves open the question, If this meat sandwich i am wearing, and wearing out, is not me, take my soul, stick it in another body, i am still me, then what am i? What are you? As human applies to the meat sandwich, when one says humanity, one is really referring that immortal thing which makes each of us, us. Seems those things inside, us, here on this earth, in this life, do not really know who or what we are. So we use the term humanity.

Same thing with the word god/God. What is a god? In my youth, i knew some women i thought were gods, but time made things sag and expand. You have people running around, saying there is only one god, and he’s my god. And if you do not do everything he says to do, translated by me of course, he will burn your sorry ass for eternity in a Devils hell!!!!

Course, there are a few hundred thousand more of those guys, and they all have the one and only god, but this god seems confused, because he keeps telling all these other different prophets all a different version of the one and only truth.

There is an order to the universe. There are Natural Laws, which exist. When they are followed closely, the earth and it’s “humans”, live in enlightened times. Not all these wars, slavery, evil, starvation, ignorance, the lost wandering people ones sees today, greedy, self serving, un-honorable, back stabbing. All these latter things, the things that make our world today, a shit hole of evil, comes about, when “humanity”, does not honor Mother Nature, and follow Natural Law.

There of course, is a power, that which is, the Light, again, by what ever name one applies. God is not that which is’s name. That is a name applied, by the aliens, (thats us), which are possessing the meat sandwiches, because down here, in this world, we do not even know what me are, much less who or what that which is, is.

Now. Long way to this but! The reason you are possessing this meat sandwich is, school! You are here to learn, to be tested, to screw up and learn for you screw ups. You see some one got everything they want, don’t have to struggle, no heartbreaks, no loss, no grief, no pain, they are not growing. Pain is one of the tools used to make us grow, i will use the word spiritually. This school is not for the meat sandwich, it is for us aliens. This life you have, is to learn things. It is to learn that some things are desirable, and some lust/desires/longings, are destructive, and should be avoided.

That is why, when i see “humans” on auto pilot, just wandering through life, not learning, it pisses me off. Because a life is a terrible thing to waste. Know what happens in school when you don’t learn, you stay a dumb ass in spite of all the opportunity to learn the subject? they make you do the damn class again. Most the others, who got it, applied themselves, went on to the next level. And there you sit. A overgrown meat sandwich, with a self imposed stunted intelligence, having to do the whole damn thing again.

Works the same in life. What ever is thrown at you, is in the lesson plan. It will keep getting thrown at you, you will keep dealing with the pain of the situation, until you give in, surrender to nature, and learn the damn lesson! If you learn that lesson, you move on to the next one, got to do it sooner or later. Why keep wallowing in physical and mental shit? Just learn it and move on.

If you do not learn that lesson, until this meat sandwich dies, or you off yourself, after some adjustments at homeport, you will be right back with a new meat sandwich, wallowing in the same old shit. You do not get to opt out.

Eat the pain, learn the lesson, and move on. Accept that you are not a god, that god is a word some use, because that have not learned some of those lessons yet.

If you are a control freak, i pity you, i really do. Thats one of those lessons. Accept that “humanity” is not in control of jack shit.

You want fame? There have been millions and millions of really famous people. How many can you name? Their faces, what they did, who they were, even their names, have disappeared. No one knows or cares who they were and what they did. Only a handful in history, and only for a few short thousand years, do any remember those who had fame.

You want power to make everyone do what you what them to do, (heres that control freak thing again)? You want to be king? Why? Theres another lesson you have not learned. Being in charge of the sheep, “humanity”, is a real pain in the ass, and the the sheep are a real pain in the ass. Learn that lesson and be a farmer next time!

You want great beauty? Things sag. you turn into your father or mother.

You want great wealth? Some of the most miserable people i have seen are those with a whole lot of wealth. Many time, the children grow up spoiled, greedy, grasping bored worthless. Lot of men and women out there ready to act like they like you, are your friend, want to marry you as they are jUUUUSSSSSTTTTTT so in love with you. Person with wealth, never knows if a friendship, or even their wife or husband, really give a shit about them. Not saying be poor, saying don’t make wealth your “god”. Learn that lesson, move on.

Think about what is going on in your life, think what lesson am i supposed to learn from this, then learn it.

Personally, i am stubborn as hell. That can help you, make you achieve things, it can also make you keep wallowing in that pain, that problem, keep you from learning that lesson. I have learned a lesson however. Took a whole lot of pain, mental, physical, spiritually, to learn it, but i did.

Now, when the Light, bitch slaps me down on my ass. I stay on my ass until i figure out why the Light did that. Then i learn the lesson, then i get up. Because if i don’t learn the lesson, before i get up, i will find myself bitch slapped right back down on my ass.

Learn your lessons, Move on.

John C Carleton

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