Control Freak is a Severe Mental Illness, and a Side Effect of the Zionist Virus

Control freak is a very destructive mental illness. It seems to be a side effect of the zionist virus eating parts of the brain.

Control Freak zionism, got the American Natives Holocusted by the Zionist USA.

Control freak got the Southern States attacked by the Evil Washington DC USA Zionist Empire, their people Holocusted by the evil of the control freak zionist

After the Zionist USA in a four year war crime spree, raping children, murdering them, gang raping nuns and ministers daughters, raping livestock, burning down homes, churches, pig pins, out houses, court houses, robbery, theft, digging up the dead and desecrating them, burning convents, bragging that Sherman was greater than God,they occupied the Southern States, which they did not then, and do not now, have the legal or moral right to do.

They forced their corrupt courts on the Southerners, They forced their adulterated zionist yankee spelling on the children, they forced their evil Zionist religion to be taught in Southern churches.

Many Southern people today, spell like a yankee zionist, act like a yankee zionist, help the evil yankee zionist do to innocent people in foreign lands, the same thing that the evil zionist scum did to the Southern peoples families. Many Southerners are no longer human, but zionist pigs. Their brains are eaten with the Zionist Virus. The control freak Zionist virus, is why the evil pedophiles of Washington DC and Tel Aviv, are murdering children, innocent people, raping babies, murdering their families, stealing their wealth in every land that does not have a military strong enough to make the Zionist evil control freak bullies afraid to rape their children, and steal their gold.

When you see a control freak, they should be institutionalized and force fed the truth. Not generally for locking people up against their wills, but in defense of the earth and the human race, it is necessary to deprogram the zionist infected control freaks. If the virus has eaten too much of the heart and brain, then that poor ship wreak must be separated from the rest of humanity.

Time to rid the world of this evil.

Time to defend humanity.

Time to defend the earth.

Time to grow a set.

The Ole Dog!

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