The Reason, LAW ENFORCMENT, are Murdering Americans, is Because Thats What Washington DC/Your Congress People/President Wants to Happen

If the Federal Empire, Washington DcC/USA, Did not want “LAW ENFORCEMENT”, raping, robbing, kidnapping, holding for ransom, beating, murdering Americans, it would not be happening.

Every time you see where an American has been assaulted by the Washington DC goons, (this includes what most consider “local” LAW ENFORCEMENT), you should really sent a thank you note to your house of representatives person, senator and president, because they not only made it possible, they made damn sure it happened.

So be sure and keep voting for the zionist ass holes who keep sending goons to assault innocent Americans.

There, thats a good USA head up assus sheep.

Time to educate yourselves America.

Time to take the zionist blinders from you eyes.

Time to defend you children and loved ones from Washingtons evil.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

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