NO!, Israhell Does Not Have the Right to Exist or Defend Their Murdering asses, Not in Palestine.

Put it like this!

A group of fanatical religious criminals, break into a home. They plan to steal everything in the house, the house itself, rape torture and murder the homes owners.

As they are gang raping the wife and children, the man of the house tries to stop these evil people. They murder him.When the police arrive, they explain that they were only defending themselves, as the man was trying to kill them. They self righteously scream that they have a right to exist, they have a right to defend themselves.

You see, when you are the evil criminal scum bag, which has broken into a house, not your own, no one wants you there, you are THE Criminal. When the home owners fight back, that does not make the criminal actions self defense . It makes them the criminal that every righteous person must try to put out of their evil misery.

The Eastern Europeans, raping., robbing, torturing, murdering the Palestinians, DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST, not in Palestine, they are the evil murdering home invaders.

The evil that is the Religious cult members murdering the Palestinians, stealing their land, do not have the right to defend themselves from the homeowners.

Perhaps the religious cult members, if they want the right to exist, the criminals should return all the land and wealth stolen from the Palestinian people, ask forgiveness from each and every Palestinian person, as they leave the Palestinians land with only the cloths on their back, what their grandfathers and great grandfathers arrived with when they started their evil crime spree in Palestine.

Being a several generation ass hole and evil POS, does not legitimize their evil.

Time for the world to get real. Time to give peace a chance. Time to hang criminal murderers from the tallest cedar of Lebanon.

Enough Zionist evil and bull shit.

Enough letting criminals rape and murder with impunity.

John C Carleton

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