Wife Has Been Helping Me Bleed the Brakes for Thirty One Years

Now that may not sound romantic to you younguns out there, but how many of your parents stayed together that long? May be something to bleeding the brakes together.

Had her out here this morning with her 3.7 pound Yorke named Wookie. Alright, pump it and hold. Let it up, pump it, hold it down. Ok, do it again.

Hold it down now or let it up, (Engine running, damn new fangled cars and pickups).

Let up, do again, hold it now.

Don’t tell me that ain’t romantic.

You will spend very little of your marriage having sex. Sorry, thats the truth. Damn better have someone you like having a cup of coffee in the morning with, and listen to each others bitches, gripes and rants without getting violate about it. better have someone you trust at your back. Better have someone you can depend on when the shit hits the fan. Now thats damn sexy and romantic.

Hand me my night vision and that pump shotgun baby, thinks someone is trying to steal one of the goats! Shoot any thing come this way don’t sound like me! Good girl. Damn, now thats a woman!

John C Carleton

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