The Terrorist Murdering Innocents in Syria, USA-Washington DC

The terrorist (military), of the USA Washington DC are in Syria, having illegally invaded in criminal aggression. They have murdered innocent children, mothers, fathers, brothers, grandmas grandpas, Syrian government military soldiers trying to defend the innocent children, mothers, fathers, grandmas and grandpas.

The pedophilic Uncle Sugar has big brass balls. He has dropped thousands of leaflets on advancing Syrian troops, to not liberate the area of Syria which they are illegally murdering Syrians in.

This pedophile Empire, is warning the government of a foreign Sovereign Nation State, to not protect its own children from the pedophile soldiers of the Evil Empire, USA Washington DC, who are international war criminals, having invaded Syria, to murder and make war on Syria, with absolutely no ligament excuse. Syria has not attacked America, has not threatened to attack America.

Any lies told by Washington is zionist BS excuses. USA, Washington DC, murdered close to 100 innocent people in Waco Texas, in the 1990s. A good number were children which Washington DC burned to death. Real war crimes against the American people. Notice that no one invaded America.

Before that, the feds, murdered a teen age boy and his mother at Ruby ridge. Saying that they had done no wrong, the USA later handed the boys father, and husband of the mother, three million dollars. Just folk with a heart right.

Everyday in America, USA Law Enforcement, beats, rapes, kidnaps, holds for ransom, robs, murders Americans.

Some of the Washington DC elite are pedophiles who traffic children for rape and murder. Washington DC, USA, protects them from the American people.

There are terrorist in Syria. They are the CIA/US soldiers, and the proxy criminals they pay to murder, rape and terrorize Syrians.

Time to decide if you are an American, or a USA Washington DC baby raping and murdering terrorist!


Time to stop looking halfway around the world for terrorist.

They are in Washington DC.

John C Carleton

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