The “National Debt”, is a Zionist Mind F##K


The is no such real thing as the USA National Debt. The key word is real. On paper, computers, sure, there are notations of debts owed. But are these real debts, or figments of diseased zionist pedophilic minds?

Jesus ran the money changers out of the Temple, for what the not Federal and no Reserve(s) has done to America.

There were two attempts before the not Federal and no Reserve(s), to make slaves out of Americans to bankers. Both were gotten rid of. The evil USURY bankers, bankrolled Woodrow Wilson’s presidential run. All he had to do in return, was betray America, and install a privately owned, parasitic “bank”, and get America into the Bankers world war when it rolled around. He betrayed Americans both times. When you have sold your ass to evil, evil calls the shots.

It the time when the evil was installed, 1913, US was on a gold standard. Walk in a bank with a one hundred dollar bill, and they would give you a one hundred dollar gold coin for it.

By 1933, the evil parasitic zionist usury bankers, had stolen a large amount of the wealth of America. They proceeded to crash the economy in 1929. In 1933, the Zionist ass hole, FDR, pulled an “executive order” out of his treasonist ass, that if you did not deliver up your gold to the Crime Cabal, USA Washington DC, the crime cabal would throw you in jail. Americans were given a fixed price per ounce for their gold, $20.67. As soon as the Washington DC/USA crime cabal had stolen all the gold, they revalued the price per ounce to $35.00.

This meant that the Crime Cabal of USA Washington DC, had inflated the dollar, which had the result of stealing almost half the value of the paper money forced on Americans when Washington DC stole their gold under threat of kidnapping and locking one up if one did not comply.

When in 1933, the dollar was removed from the gold standard, it was placed on a silver standard. Take in a $100.00 bill, bank would give you one hundred silver dollars. The bankers could not devalue the money as much as they wanted, (stealing from Americans), as long as the dollar was backed by silver. So in 1964, the crime cabal,(USA Washington DC), removed the dollar from the silver standard.

The dollar was now, just paper and ink, it was no longer money, but currency. The only backing it had was the peoples faith in Washington DC. The fiat, backed by absolutely nothing, not Federal and no Reserve(s) paper and ink, in purchasing power, is now at about two cents of a 1913, pre not Federal and no Reserve(s) bank dollar. In other words, the evil Usury zionist banking bastards have stolen from the American people, about 98% of the wealth of the country.

Now, if nothing of real value is loaned, Usury bankers just pull some decimal points out of their ass, and put them on a computer screen, then why would one be expected to pay back with something of real value, like Americans fruits of their labor. How come Americans can not just pull some decimal points out of their ass to pay it back?

You see, the whole USA/Washington banking system, is a criminal scam. It is a zionist mind fuck.

The “debt”, is not real. Nothing of intrinsic value was loaned, nothing of intrinsic value needs be repaid.

Any debt owed anyway, would not be owed by the souls living on the face of North America. It is not real, but anything owed, is owed by the USA/UNITED STATES/Washington DC.

USA/UNITED STATES/Washington DC, is not America or Americans, and never has been. The USA Washington DC crime cabal is occupying and holding Americans as slaves.

So don’t worry about the debt, it is not real, and the crime cabal will default on all of this debt with in the next couple of years, either outright, or by super inflating the fiat dollar. Either will have the effect of stealing more of Americans labor, starvation, mass homelessness, deaths from disease and suicides. In other words, a total melt down of America and America’s social and economic systems. Brought to you by Zionist bankers, and their whores, (politicians and bureaucrats), who serve in Washington.

Now, American’s need to educate themselves. The wealth stolen from Americans did not disappear, it was transferred to the criminals of “government” and banking.

All that needs to be done, is throw these criminals in prison, execute some for their war crimes, murder, pedophilia, and transfer all the wealth back to the living souls of North America.

Then the process of building the country back up can begin.

As long as Washington DC exist, Americans will remain slaves, and America a continual worsening shit hole.

Time to educate yourselves Americas.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

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