ISIS is Washington DC/Tel Aviv, Washington DC/Tel Aviv is ISIS. Any Questions?

The in your face bald faced lying of the evil baby raping and murdering Zionist hand puppets which staff Washington DC and the nightmare of Tel Aviv has grown to the point where it is a daily fact of life, and must be addressed by Americans.

Americans have been force fed Zionist BS, fake history and outright lies for generations. It is understandable that the majority of Americans are woefully ignorant of the truth, facts of life and reality. It is a deficiency which must be alleviated.

Only by humility/self examination can Americans arrive at the truth. That is the part where one admits that the Evil of Washington, is well, evil. That the baby raping ingrates of DC, do not have the right to cause wars, murders, rapes, destruction of Nation States, just because they are greedy evil asses who want to.

Much to learn after the light shines in your eyes with that DAMN!, moment, when the slime of Zionism is washed from your eyes by the truth, and you see the evil for what it is. But first things first. Best if you rip the BS out of your eyes and brain all at once. Like taking a large bandage off of a hairy arm or leg. Pull slowly, and the pulling hair out by the roots is done slowly. Grab the damn thing, jerk, its all over.

There is all the evidence needed, if one does not purposely have their heads shoved up their ass, that Israhell/USA, are the mama and daddy of ISIS. That they are armed, protected, funded, directed, by the evil pedophilic bastards and bitches of Zionism.

This means, if you support the evil, (Washington DC/Israhell), which is behind the evil, then you are an evil, cowardly, head up ass sheep, an enabler of evil, who will have to answer to the Light, for all the mayhem/rapes/sorrow/murders/theft, that you helped the bottom feeders do.

No one escapes their actions here on Earth. There is a always an after action report/lessons learned when one crosses over. Each and every one of us will have more than enough to bare of what we did, without purposely stacking up the evil, by supporting those who do the evil. Even not speaking out, because people might think you are one of those tin foil hat wearers, or GASP, anti-Semitic, is not recognized as an valid excuse for the evil done by you not speaking out.

Besides that, pull you heads out of your zionist indoctrinated asses for you children’s and grandchildren’s sake.

If the Zionist are taken down, ISIS by whatever name being used this week, will not long outlive their master.

Education is the key to freedom, with out education, there can be no freedom.

Oh yes, schooling does not equate to education, same as The UNITED STATES, does not equate to America or Americans.

Time to educate yourselves. Time to get er done.

john C Carleton

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