The Evil of Washington Which it is Trying to Blame on America for It’s Evil Actions

I have noticed a trend by the thirty shekel whores who write propaganda for the baby raping war criminals from Washington DC, the Evil zionist Empire.

In stores about the war crimes of the evil zionist scum bags who are occupying America, and holding Americans hostage, where USA, Washington DC, or UNITED STATES should be used in the story, they are inserting America, and Americas, like the guys drinking beer in the parking lot next to the store, ordered the war criminal USA military to invade Yemen and kill children, send ISIS to the Philippines, invade Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, murder millions of women and children.

Perhaps the people raping those little boys in front of their parents in Iraq, were not War Criminal USA soldiers, perhaps those American dudes drinking beer in the parking lot, got on a fast plane, snuck into a war zone, put on soldiers uniforms, infiltrated a Highly Secure USA military prison, raped the boys while filming it, got back into civies, caught a fast plane home to the parking lot in time for another round.

Perhaps the nice little American grandmother watching her grandchildren every day, while mother and father works, so the USA crime cabal can steal their labor, and give it to the little crime cabal occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinians, is secretly the one stealing the food out of her grandchildren mouths, so those funds can be used to murder little Palestinian children in their home, hospitals and schools.

There is a concerted effort by the evil pedophile Washington DC bottom feeders, that Washington’s crimes, are America’s crimes. That is BULL SHIT.

Sheep are sheep. Most people on the earth today are sheep. American sheep, European sheep, asian sheep.

Sheep are a herd animal that goes where they are led or driven. When they have good leadership, they prosper and the leadership prospers. When they are being driven, into bad situations, for the benefit of the leaders, they are still sheep and the leadership is still responsible for the bad situation, the evil. The sheep, with good honest leadership would not be living in the third world shit hole situation they are in. The sheep are regularly sheered and slaughtered for the benefit of the thirty shekel whores in DC.

So when some Zionist mouthpiece, tries to blame America and Americans for the war crimes, rape, pedophilia, evil, murders which the evil of DC does, it is the duty of Real Americans to point out the bull shit of their lies.

Washington DC, USA, is not, and has never been America. The two have never been, and are not now, the same thing.

Time to educate yourselves Americans.

Otherwise the pedophiles of Washington Dc will continue to have American Mutton at their celebrations of evil.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

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