Memorial Day, 2017, America

The young believing, trusting me went off to war.

He died there.

The me that came back, was much more worldly, experienced. On the occasions, during Desert Shield/Desert Storm, when i got to see a television, CNN is all i remember, of USA political whores, generals to include Schwarzkopf who lied their asses off to America.

The war they told the sheep back home of, little resembled my life in the big kitty litter box. When you are living the war, and the are lying it about it back home, either you have to shove your head further up your ass, or face the truth.

Facing the real truth can take years, and make one wish that the gods would take mercy and end your life. But if one goes the distance with the light, one will find as much peace as is available in this world while carrying out ones duty humanity and the light.

Me-Desert Shield and Storm.

Brother, occupation forces Japan/Korean War

Brother, drafted, year in Viet Nam

Wife’s father, WW 2, fighting the Japanese in the islands. Sixteen, lied about his age. IT scared his soul, he passed the results of doing too much, seeing too much, to my wife, his daughter. Both her Great grandfather Bailey, and my great grandfather Carleton fought the evil of the zionist yankees.

Grandfather Baker, Bankers world war one.

My Great-great grandfather Baker, my great-great grandfather DuBose, Great-greatgrandather Martin, all fought the evil of the zionist yankees.

Great-great grandfather Tucker was with Jackson at the battle of New Orleans, War of 1812 against GREAT BRITIN.

GGGGG-grandfather Wright, GGGG grandfather Wright, GGGG-grandfather Petty, GGGG-gradfather Baker, GGG-grandfather Carleton, all fought the British for American Freedom.

Commanding Generals, both sides, first American war for freedom, were my cousins

During the evil of Cromwell, three Carleton brothers were killed in one battle.

After the battle of Hastings, my ancestor was given lands on the border of Scotland and England, Cumberland. The Carleton name came from the town on their lands. Carleton is an old Welsh name for “where farmers live”. The lands stayed in the family until 1707.

At the battle of Philippi, 42 BC, THE Commanding Roman General, and his best general, are both my ancestors.

When Troy fell, that was one of my lines.

I think that war has brought humanity shit. i think it is time to learn how to co-exist, while healing mother nature.

And just so you know, how much the pedophilic Uncle Sugar cares about American veterans, heres a little song i did.

Time to learn Humanity.

Time to stop being slaves.

Time to get er done.

john C Carleton

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