The Confederate Monument Debacle.

After the official “Reconstruction” had ended ten years after the end of the USA Washington DC Federal Empire’s four years of murder, rape robbery and war crimes against both Confederate prisoners, and the civilian population, to include the wide spread rape and murder of children by Federal troops, the South and Washington DC struck a bargain. They would admit, that Souther Soldiers were honorable and brave, and the Souther boys would get on with life under Washingtons continued occupation of the Sovereign Souther States. Most Northerners did not realize that the DC pedophile beast occupied their States at the same time. The Southern boys, being the best fighters the country ever had, served in the empires wars.

Washington DC has broken that truce. They have fed a steady stream of BS and false history to keep the different areas and cultures divided and at each others throats. Washington has purposely, caused the Confederate monument controversy to keep the Southern people, running around in circles, jumping through Washington DC’s kangaroo zionist court, spending hundreds of thousand dollars in a loosing battle, (you are asking the people causing your monuments to be tore down, to please stop their henchmen from doing what the zionist want done). Spending precious time, not educating themselves on reality, truth, and who the damn enemies of America really are.

I will say that the monuments should be left alone, and if the Southern people would go after every collaborator who serves the interest of the pedophile USA zionist Empire, administratively, going after their bonds for violating the rules laid down for them to follow, this crap could be stopped. It should have been nipped in the bud before it got going good. Each Public office holder, has to have a Bond, just like a person getting out of jail on bond, so that they will appear or lose their money. Here the bond is to try to insure that they follow the rules, and that one who is damaged by their actions outside of the rules, can collect monetary damages from that persons bond. No bond, no office! If no one will insure them because they like a bad doctor always getting sued, cost the bond companies money, they can not hold public office. AT the federal level, they would just print more fake dollars and keep paying the premium, no matter the cost. But at a State level, county, city, you can hurt them, get them out of office, and get the attention of other political whores, who think they can get favor or votes by shitting on Southern Heritage and truth.

The leadership of the Southern organizations still fly the flag of the occupier, oppressor, say a pledge to it. They are not interested in learning new tricks. They are old dogs who have made it to the top of the heap, and are going to do nothing to endanger their social status.

A young copper head snake, has a yellowish color on the tip of its tail. It uses this to lure in what it wants to kill and eat. Uses it like a fishing lure. Shakes it around like a small worm or bug. What comes to eat, gets eaten.

Time to stop reacting to the snakes tail, and concentrate on it’s head.

Time to get real.

Time to look truth in the face.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

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