Parts of my family been kicking around Texas from the republic of Texas days, some came during the late war of aggression, gang rape of women, children, ministers daughters, nuns, and farm farm animals, theft, arson, desecration of the dead, desecration of churches, burning of convents, and occupation. One hundred and fifty one years of brutal occupation. After that war, a couple of lines came out of Arkansas to Texas, because Texas was wild and so big you could get lost from the evil zionist occupying yankee scum.

First cousin, a few times removed, died as a member of the Texas Rangers, fighting Indians, on the Nueces strip in 1851. I grew up part way, on the Nueces strip. In 1851, few people lived there, and they were the hard asses.

Spain formed San Antonio de Bexar, pronounced bear, by importing Canary islanders to start a colony. The Mexican people did not want anything to do with Texas. Damn hard work, very few cantinas, not a lot of putas. Took real men and women, and most Mexicans wanted nothing to do with it. There were some Mexican families, the ones with balls, who came to Texas and were very instrumental in taming the land, and fighting Mexico for independence.

Most of the Mexican descendants in Texas today, were the ones who did not have the balls to tame the land, to face danger, wild Indians, wild animals, hardships, hard work. They stayed in Mexico where the Mexican Army could protect them, putas were plentiful, the cervasa was cold, until the revolutions of 1910-17. Then thousands of these ball-less wonders, ran from fixing their own country, to the safety that the anglo immigrants had carved out of a wild and dangerous land, that their ancestors did not have the balls to face and tame.

Less respect for the later comers from Mexico.

One finds that the most vocal in in demanding rights and freebies, are the descendants of the ball-less wonders who would not come when it was dangerous, and ran from their own homeland when it became dangerous.

Anyone who wants to tell me Texas was stolen from Mexico can kiss my multi Texas line, multi generation ass.

Time to get rid of all this political correctness and zionist control freak BS.

Time to learn your real history Americans.

John C Carleton

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