America the Rude, Inapt, lazy, and Rudderless.

Americans have been dumbed down for generations by the Zionist evil of Washington DC. They have been fed a steady stream of BS, mocked and oppressed if they speak the truth. Their jobs have been stolen by the evil of Washington, so zionist owned international corporations can steal more wealth for zionist scum who already have more money than they could possible spend in their lifetimes.

Washington DC and the zionist scum who hold forth there, have made America a third world shit hole, and Americans some of the dumbest, most unmotivated, rudest, arrogant in their ignorance, herd animals on the face of the earth.

Even when the yolk of Washington DC’s slavery of the American souls, and America, is thrown off, it will take at least a couple of generations to start to get the country back on the right path to individuality, justice, being civilized.

Let me give you a glimpse of America today.

This past Saturday, twice i can face to face with the shit hole that America has become, and the lazy, lying garbage that most Americans have become.

Couple of years back, my daughter had her vehicle totaled by illegals the Federal Washington DC Empire, forced on the Sovereign States. That vehicle had replaced the one before, which was totaled by an illegal that Washington DC made sure was forced on the States. I had just bought a new 2015 Toyota pick up to supplement my 2005 pickup. Just turned it over to her, she made the payments, and i continued to drive my older truck. On the 10th of last month, someone hit her in the rear of the truck. She and her Husband, bought her mothers older car, which is not real old, and in exultant shape. I took the 2015 pickup back over.

It was sent, by the person who hit her insurance, to A Ford Dealership in the city for repairs. By mid May, i was wondering if they were building a new vehicle. Need to shut the older truck down, do a brake job. Told the wife, find out when the truck will be ready. She called the “collusion” manager. He said by the end of the week. The following week, about Tuesday, told the wife, call that ass hole and find out whats happening. He would not return her calls, texts. After several days, i got involved. I called the main number, and started raising hell, and told them if i had to drive over there to find out what the hell the problem was, i was not going to be a happy camper. Was given the message that the truck was on parts hold, which is just a convent lie.

By that Friday evening, it was ready for pickup according to them. Drove over Saturday to pick it up. I arrive there, and it is sitting outside with a big ole flat on a rear tire. I proceeded to explain that they had had this damn near a month, and was i supposed to drive the damn thing off on a flat tire. They sent a worker out. He started climbing in the truck. Asked him what he was doing. Said he was going to drive it in, air the tire up. I told he he sure as hell was not, as that would break the side wall on the tire. he said it wouldn’t, and i told him he was full of shit, get an air tank. He said they did not have one.

Going back this morning to get it, as we drove away on Saturday, they were airing the tire up with the air tank they did not have. No excuse for this kind of don’t give a shit attitude by a public business. But then, it is a corporation, and corporations screw their employees, who in turn treat the customs like shit. Reminds me of the saying Russians had about the old Soviet Union. “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.

Doing my parent duties, wife and i went to pick up from a national corporation with a chain of stores, to buy a washing machine, their money. I have the pickup. Picked one out, paid for it, and a set of hoses. Was told to take my truck to the loading area and wait. Waited about 45 minuets. Went in, asked a cashier to please find out what the problem was. After a few phone calls, turns out, they no longer load appliances in the lumber pickup place. Had to drive the pickup to the exit doors, block one lane of the road in front of the doors. Was told to talk to cashier # 14. Cashier # 14 had about 14 customers lined up. I saw my washing machine sitting there on a dolly. Walked over to it, tried to get some employees attention. None even would look at me. Grabbed the washing machine, wheeled it out the doors, loaded it myself. told the wife, go ask cashier # 14 where the hoses are.

She came back in a few minuets, with the hoses. Said cashier # 14 did not know shit about shit. Wife walked back, matched the number to the receipt, walked out the doors with the hoses and we drove off.

Corporations treat their workers like shit. Cut their real wages, benefits, shaft them every chance they get, to squeeze a little more wealth out of America and Americans, for the benefit of the 1% rich pedophile ass holes who own these legal fictions.

The zionist must be kicked out of America, and “corporations”, must be made illegal in America.

That will be a start, but repairing the damage done by the pedophile elite to America and Americans, will take generations.

Americans best get started with this necessary project. Time to educate yourself Americans.

Time to grow a set. Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

PS! Finally got the truck back, the tire was plugged, not patched, so it went flat again. Had that fixed. Picked it up, the dead empty gas light was on. Next day sun hit it right, saw runs in the paint on a rear door where they blended the paints in. Small dent not removed by rear, left taillight, overstay is on tail light lens. Waiting for the head of the insurance agencies man in the area to come by and look at the truck.

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