I am Running out of Words, to Describe the BIG BRASS BALLS of the Pedophile Washington DC “elite”

I have come to the point, where its almost to the point, of, what else can you say, which you have not already said about the baby raping, murdering, eating, bribe taking, insider trading, Americans Labor stealing, international war criminals, parasitic, USURY, BANKER WAR starting, control freak, last penny from the widow stealing, orphan raping, lying, most rancid human turd in the sewer plant, un-honorable, un-truthful,un-grateful,ignorant,back stabbing, egg sucking, grandma murdering, sheep molesting, grandpa beating, and maybe molesting, candy from a baby stealing,shit in their pants walking, bottom feeding, black death spreading, wife beating, pig fucking, food from the poor stealing, public fund embezzling, War profiteer extraordinary, stupid lie saying, BIG BRASS BALLS IN YOUR FACE zionist BS spewing,agressive war instigating acts done, rancid pig shit eating, pole cat smell spewing, perverted, deviant, semian acting, pit viper on their belly in their on shit slithering, dog abusing, cat stomping, primeval slime, blood sucking, human eating, Northern end of a Southern traveling Jack Ass, baboon ass scratching,whores of Babylon, Out of the Temple from Jesus running, butt clowns, butt wipes, inbreed, cousin marrying, sister marrying, mother marrying, lizard dicked, hypocritical, delusional, truth hating, history distorting, serial murdering, white phosphorus on children dropping, Sunday morning pulpit lying, GOD BLESSES THOSE THAT BLESS THE JEWS shouting, which means any country don’t kiss Israelis ass, and give Nitwityahoo a knob job, WILL BE DESTROYED BY GOD, bible on the pulpit slamming, Church secretary humping, fat obese piece of fowl mouthed crap spewing, spawn of a demonic war demon god, thinking of themselves as gods, chosen ones, descended from the lizard men, appointed by a demonic god which demands blood, and lots of it to be the piece of ape shit, on top of the big pile of various types of shit, own children and spouse betraying, thirty shekel whore, intestinal parasite, damn zionist yankee, stain ring in a toilet bowl, toe jam licking, public nudity trench coated flashing, GMO growing, Insecticide, herbicide producing evil ass hole, corrupted, adulterated, maggot infested, slime ball, cowardly, belly crawling, bleeding hemorrhoid out of a filthy ass hole hanging, howling at the moon mad, insane, psychotic, homicidal maniac, arsonist, child trafficking, Washington DC worshiping, through the sewer crawling, rat faced, baboon assed, pubic crab, cognitive dissonance trained, cheep beer fart, cancer on the ass of America, Zionist war criminal, yesterdays semen stained, best part ran down your mamas ass and on to the floor, brother humping, mother humping,father humping, shit, maybe grandpa humping, carnal knowledge of a jack ass having, leech on the end of a dick sucking, backwards, stone age emotional neanderthal, piece of pig shit zionist Washington DC Holier than Thou butt fucking chicken shit garbage. Oh yes, soul-less!

Really, words just seem to fail me nowdays.

Maybe i just need to go fishing.

John C Carleton

One thought on “I am Running out of Words, to Describe the BIG BRASS BALLS of the Pedophile Washington DC “elite”

  1. hawaiiguy says:

    You forgot “ZioNaziKikes” and my personal favorite description, (I think of Bill and Killary as these type of people) …. “Cuntbag gleet juice (one who drinks the pustulous
    gonorrhea from a freshly fucked asshole) drinking gonorrhea monsters”

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