Ministers Hitting Hell Wide Open, Or When the Obese POS John Hagee splashes down in Hell

My father was a country preacher. Did not like big churches and cities. He was a man who lived what he preached. I have seen him repair fences, clean out wells for the widows.

He and I were close despite a sister and brother who did everything they could to make me look bad to him, as they were insecure and felt threatened by my father and my closeness. We did a lot of discussions on life, honor, morals, theology.

Being a minister, and I a preachers kid, you got most of the gossip about preachers doing what they told others not to do. Many times my father would point out a minister, and tell me. “Now son, I know we are not supposed to judge, but if I had to guess, I would say that preacher will hit hell wide open”.

Anytime I see, hear or hear of John Hagee, by fathers words ring in my ear.

Time to get real Americans.

Time to educate yourselves.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

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