If it is Good For the UNITED STATES, it is Bad for America, If it is good for America, it is Bad for the UNITED STATES

How could that be the sheep will bleat!

Simple, the two are not now, and have never been the same thing.

American of course, includes South, Central and North America. North America again is broken up by the countries and States. Here when I say America, I am referring to that part of North America, which is situated from Canada’s Southern border, to Mexico’s Northern Border. Pacifically that area occupied by the UNITED STATES.

Oh yes. The UNITED STATES, is a legal fiction which does not in the physical reality, exist. It is an International for profit Corporation doing business as the USA, or the UNITED STATES. The criminal employs of the crime cabal, which overthrew the real government of the Federation of States, are in fact, international criminals, and if they claim status as Americans, that makes them collaborators, and damn liars. They are a damn liar, one can not be a real American, and serve the evil of Washington DC which is raping, robbing, kidnapping, holding for ransom, murdering, Americans, and the rest of the world!

So if the evil minions in Washington DC, are happy and say that it was good for America, that means Uncle Sugars Pedophillic ass just shoved his bloodstained member up America’s, and the worlds ass, one more time.

The word “good”, in fact should never be used in conjunction with USA/UNITED STATES, unless it is a report that the crime cabal members in DC have been arrested for their crimes, and the USA/Washington DC crime cabal no longer exist.

But of course, the evil ones of DC would consider that bad, which would be good for Americans and America!

Time to educate yourselves Americans.

Time to get real.

Time to emancipate yourselves.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

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