Peace Officer, Vs Law ENFORCEMENT!

Young people today, have never know peace officers for the most part, most of them were retired or dead of old age before they were born.

They are well aquatinted with LAW ENFORCEMENT!

An American Peace Officer, was charged with keeping the peace. This did not mean shooting everyone who farted into the wind, or failed to piss themselves in fear at the mere sight of the officer. This often times means getting quarreling couples calmed down, with out beating the hell out of them, killing or arresting them. Meant that when a teenaged did something a little stupid, you scared the shit out of him, but did not arrest or beat the hell out of him, so that he would think better about doing stupid things in the future. Meant ignoring, not arresting people who break stupid control freak zionist laws that should not be laws. Means being a productive part of your community, not an ass hole that thinks he’s Billy Bad Ass because he has a badge and a gun, and a crooked court to cover his ass when he violates peoples rights.
It means using that shotgun, pistol, rifle, as a last resort, not the first.

A UNITED STATES LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER!, on the other hand, is meant to instill fear to question the zionist self perceived authority, to do any damn thing they want to you and yours. This includes prison or death, irregardless if you have committed a crime or not.

Whether it is on paper or not, all LAW ENFORCEMENT, operating in the fifty occupied Sovereign States, are Federalized. Right down to your low level constables. In the 1960s, under the excuse of civil rights, the Federal government moved into the large cities and took control, (on paper or not), of their police departments, the cities police academies. Said who they could and could not hire, who and who they could not fire. The shit on the streets of America right now, is because that is what Uncle Sugar’s Pedophillic ass wants on the streets. Make no mistake, your senator and congressman, and president, wants those illegal steroid hopped up official street gang LAW ENFORCEMENT “officers”, raping, robbing, imprisoning kidnapping, holding for ransom, and murdering Americans, or it would not be happening.

LAW ENFORCEMENT, is the enemy of true Americans. They and their DC masters, stand for everything our ancestors fought against in the first American war for freedom, and the second one. They are evil. They are the slaves allowed certain liberties for brutalizing the general population of slaves, to keep them in line.

The only way to get rid of them, get American Peace officers back, is to remover their masters from power, and off the plantation.

No slave masters, no need to brutalize the general population to keep them slaves.

It is really that simple.

Time to educate yourselves Americans.

Time to get real,

time to get er done!

John C Carleton

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