Jesus, Peter, and i Walked on Water

As a teenager, i liked to fish. There was a swimming hole above the low water crossing, about a quarter mile from where i grew up.

Ever time the river went on a tare, swimming hole would change, get larger, smaller, deeper, more shallow. Then the new money white thrashers, named Berry, got a ranch in the area, started screwing with the river, with their chain saws and bull dozers, but i will get to that in due time.

Now, i knew that there were a couple of nice size large mouth bass and some good cat fish were swimming around in the swimming hole.
Caught a small perch, hooked him through the back, no weight, tied the clear line to an underwater root of a tree, so no one could see it. Next morning, went down to the river. Waded out to the other side, reached under water and took holt of the line. Stared pulling it in. Knew i had a good one on the line from the drag on the line. Kept pulling hand over hand, until i happened to look up and see the several foot long cotton mouthed water moccasin about three feet from me. Now, these are some really mean pissed off ass holes. Have had them chase me out of the river, and patrol the river until it was sent to zionist heaven with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Looking at this very pissed off venomous snake, too damn close to me, caused me to be able to claim membership in a very exclusive club.

Those who walked on water. Jesus walked on water. Peter walked on water. I walked on water. Now i can not say i was walking on top of the water, but i will swear my feet never touched the bottom.

I went home, got my Winchester single shot 22 rifle, pulled the zionist bastard in again, and released it of its evil.

This just proves that a poor preachers son Texas hillbilly can walk on water just like Peter.

Also might note that the zionist snake was no longer a danger to humankind.

John C Carleton

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