The Black Southern Pacific Track Gang Cook, and Judge Roy Bean’s pet Javelina

This took place in South West Texas, late 1880’s, early 1890s.

My grandfather came from a family of doctors, ministers, lawyers, and farmers. Always the land , animals and crops. Thats why Carleton’s had large families, to work the farm while the old man used his profession to scratch his wonder lust.

He grew up during reconstruction, 1866-1876, a hard time for Southerners. His educations opportunities was not what had been available to the children born before the late War Crimes against the Southern People by Washington, DC, USA, Empire of.

Probably would not have mattered. he hated indoor work. Loved the outdoors. Throwback to earlier blood.

Married my Grandmother, in 1890 in West Texas.

Hired on to the Southern Pacific crew at Sanderson Texas. Got the nick name of Sandy. His hair was jet black and he was very dark complected. Black Welsh.

One fine day the crew were working past Langtry, Texas, where Judge Roy Bean had installed himself as “judge west of the Pecos. No one appointed him, he set up a little, and i do mean little, saloon. You would have to see the country to fully appreciate how long and far a person could go in that time, still today off the beaten path, without seeing another person. It is desolate desert country.

Judge had a Javelina hog for a pet. Now Javelina is a primitive stone aged beast which can exist where other hogs would die. They are mean as hell also. One does not want to rattle their chain. They have these tusk and will cut a man or dog to ribbons. The black cook was walking alone the track, when the judges pet charged him. He ran far enough to pick up a heavy steel tie plate, hit the Javelina in the head, killed it.

Now there were no grocery stores around. Men ate what was sent out on the train, things which would not spoil. Any fresh meat was provided by hunters. So the cook, cooked the judges pet Javelina, fed it to the crew. My grandfather said it made a delicious stew.

Judge head about this when he missed his pet, came down the tracks yelling, “Wheres that damn niger cook? I’m going to hang his ass.”

Railroad boss told the judge, “You are on railroad land. Any hanging done here today will be the boys hanging your ass. I suggest you get back to your saloon, have a beer and cool down.”

Judge Bean saw the wisdom in those words, tucked his tail and meekly went back to where he was king.

Now Americans, no one told those elite baby rapers in Washington DC they wanted them “judge ” of America. They just got some guns, armed thugs and announced they were the Law West of the sun, and east of the moon.

Perhaps they just need to be encouraged to sneak back under their rocks and stay there. Stop raping American children, murdering them. Stop stealing the labor of Americans to try to start world war three. Perhaps they just need to fear for their own sorry butts if they keep raping America. Maybe they just need a firm hand.

You as an American would be remiss in your duty to humanity, and to America, if you did not tell judge uncle sugar pants, that is quite enough of your zionist shit.

Might also explain to him that this is America, and Americans will tell his pedophillic ass whats up!

Time to educate yourself Americans.

Time to find or grow a set

John C Carleton

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