Are You an American, or an USA Zionist International War Criminal?

Americans cheering on the genocide of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians in the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian’s Own Ancestral Home Land, should understand “KILL THEM ALL”, include Americans.

One should really understand ones self. Makes getting through life so much easier.

Today, in what is facing America, and the rest of the world, but i address this to America first. Are you an American, or are you an egg sucking, baby sitter molesting, self righteous, family abusing, penny pinching, lying scum bag zionist USA International War Criminal?

Seems to me, once one identifies which one is, makes ones decisions much easier to make. Less stress!

If one decides one is An American, one needs to educate ones self in true history, to include true history of Washington DC, right up to the present. One needs to “gird their loins for battle”, so to speak. This battle, this war for American freedom from Zionism, will be won or lost in the minds, beliefs of Americans. If Americans were handed back their freedom at this point, no more informed, or learned than they are, (i did not say “schooled), they would trade it for a cold six-pack and half an hour with a warm body before the week was out. Much work to be done to prepare for freedom.

On the other hand, if one decides one is a USA zionist international war criminal, control freak, (and a scum bag!), ones choices are made much simpler also.

Comes down to this. What the hell is in it for me? I wonder if i can steal his shit without getting caught? If i get caught, do i have the pull to get my ass out of the sling?
Could go on and on about the “belief systems” of the zionist, too long!

Make it simpler still!

Am I an American, or a Zionist piece of pig shit?

Mr. and Mrs America!

There not a hell of a lot of time before the preverbal organic material, hits the propulsion system.

Good luck, and LEARN!

John C Carleton

7 thoughts on “Are You an American, or an USA Zionist International War Criminal?

  1. Shahna says:

    “one needs to educate ones self in true history…”

    Perhaps if you have the time, you could run a series on accurate American history since it’s founding – or since the end (or start) of World War I – or even since the tragic events on 9/11I?

    I’d sure like to read that….

    • John C Carleton says:

      I have planned, do not know if i will get it done, to write a three volume set, taking the history of England, Wales, France,Scottland and Ireland from about the time of William the Bastards taking of England, up to the present day.
      Show how modern zionism was the brain child of the degenerate self-righteous hypocritical Cromwell, trace it to Mass./New England, show how zionism, (called Puritans then) is what got the South raped, robbed, murdered and occupied, how after that, American Zionism took their Murder INC. on the world wide stage.

      A work like that takes a long time, planning to try to start writing some articles on the subject, which hopefully after this present controversy of whether humanity will be free, or slaves to the zionist, if i am still alive, i will take those articles and stick everything together from 1100 England/France to whatever the present is then. Guess if i an still alive at that point, zionism lost and humanity is free.


      Check out Andrew Carrington Hitchcock ‘s “The Synagogue of Satan”. His newest edition also contains The Protocols in is entirety and Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”. The time period ot covers is from the birth of the khazars up until 2012. It’s great reading and you will not be the same after you read it. The book is well documented and referenced.


    Every DC rat pledges their allegiance to aipac. Get rid of them and their dual citizen firsters.

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