Sometimes You Have To Swim the River When it is Flooding.

Looking back, i can see that fifteen was a pivotal stage of my life. Thats when i apparently started really thinking for myself. Did a lot of things that year. Lot of life changing things came to me that year, as planned for my training of who i was to be, by the Light, Mother Nature, the Universe, by what ever name you call that which is.

In the Texas hill country, grew up right between Hackberry and Bull Head creeks, about an eighth of a mile where they come together and form the Nueces River, which winds it’s way through Southwest Texas until it empties into the Gulf of Mexico at Corpus Christi, Texas.

These are hill country streams, and a wall of water twenty feet high can come down with the sun shinning if it has rained above you in the hills. Remember waking up many times to the sound that can best be described as a freight train. Knew i probably wasn’t going to school for a week or so, wasn’t going except up and down a couple of roads until you came to the next river or creek crossing.

One such time, when i was fifteen, the main flood had died down to about three feet of water going over the low water bridge, tin horns putting as much of the water as could flow through them, under the crossing.

The rural mail carrier had made it to the other side after several days. There was this girl, a few years older than i, who i thought was the most beautiful girl that god ever made. I was deeply in teen age lust with her. Probably did her ego good to have a younger boy looking at her like a puppy dog. She and i, i being the ring leader, decided we would wade across and bring the mail back. I started first, on the up stream side, she followed about eight feet behind me. She called to me that she was going back.I decided, maybe i should also. Problem being, i could not. Every step i took i was being pushed towards the edge of the crossing. Math was not my favorite subject, but doing some quick mental figuring, i saw i was going to run out of crossing, before i ran out of river, and i did. Last solid footing under me, i dove into the still raging flood waters, towards the side where the mail man sat. Made it out way below the crossing.

Now my bed, food, and the most beautiful, (or so i thought), girl in the world were on the other bank. Knowing that there might be barbed wire, fencing, logs, tress, anything, under that water, i went way up stream, dove in and swam out the other side, right where the crowd, and the most beautiful girl were standing.

Again, not one of my better ideas, but seems that i was being taught the same lesson over and over. When you are in the big middle of something that is big and scary, you can give up and die, or dive right into the shit, come out the other side, stronger for having done so, more confident in your ability to walk into that valley of the shadow of death, and right out the other side, a bit wiser for the mistakes and experience. Carrying the scars sometimes. Inside and out.

Those lessons would serve me well, later that year, but thats another story.

Here it is America and Americans. Shit is going to hit the fan. Economic melt down like no one alive has seen. All that money the government forced out of you so they could help you when you needed it, is gone. The USA Washington DC crowd pissed it away on wars, trying to conquer the whole damn world and make all of humanity slaves to a handful of pedophillic sons of bitches who think they are “elite”. Going to get rough. Going to separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls.

Americans have a choice. Will they just give up, and drown in the flood of economic woes, hunger, doing without most everything they now think they can not do without? Or will they say, FK IT! Dive head first into the shit, claw their way out the other side, wiser, stronger, a better American, a better parent, spouse, friend, for having the balls to fight and survive.

There is not much time left to make that decision.

Time to educate yourselves and get real Mr. AND MRS. AMERICA.


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