When the Only Way Down, is Up

Sometimes a human will start a new project, a new “life”, turning over a new leaf, a new marriage, get right in the middle of it, and decide maybe this was not the best idea after all!

Now what one does at this point, can make or brake the thing started, and determine what direction ones life takes after that point in time.

Now, i am perhaps the most pig headed person, i know, other than my wife and children, and grandchildren. My lessons have had to be harsh ones to get my attention, because i wanted to do things my way, and i did not want to change what i wanted to do. I have the scars. From the tips of my big toes, to the exact top of my head, i bare the scars of the reminders of lessons learned. And those are just the ones on the outside. I will say that all these scars are on my frontside.

I learned a valuable lesson when i was fifteen, before the lessons of the motorcycle wreak later that year.

I grew up, for the most part in the Texas Hill Country. Did a few years on the Texas-Mexican border, the Rio Grande. There were hills. Everyone there called them mountains. After being exposed to the rest of the world, i understood they were hills.

AT fifteen, for some reason, i decided to go climb the sheer, un-broken face of “Bull Head Mountain”. So, i proceeded to start climbing. At about the half way point, looking at the rest of the face which remained, i decided that JUST MAYBE, this had not been the best idea i had ever come up with. I decided that perhaps, i should go back down. At this point, looking down, i realized, if i did not want to die, the only way down was up. I had no ropes, no gear, just feet, hands, knees, and a very tightly clamped butt hole.

At this point, i had a choice. Give up, cling where i was until i slipped from exhaustion, die in the fall. Or, climb the rest of the way to the safety of the top. If i wanted to live, the only way down was UP!

Start climbing again, and i might die, but damn it, i would die trying, or give up and die. For me, there was no choice. I sucked it up, and climbed the rest of the way, scared as hell, up to the top, climbed over to the safety of the top.

After resting, i walked down the other side that i could have walked up to the top. To this day, still probably not my best idea, but the lesson stood me good for many future “emergencies”.

Now! America is in a world of hurt. No one can stop the economic crash coming, coupled with earth and weather changes. Things are going to get bad. No matter how it came to this, who’s damn idea it was, the only way to get down to a “normal” life for you and your loved ones, is UP!

Americans, are GOING to HAVE TO, whether they want to or not, Climb up the sheer face of their ignorance, false believes, cowardliness, evil of those who call themselves “leaders”, and say they have a right to do with you and yours as they please, shame of aiding the enemy of your children, in making your children slaves of the State. No matter who or why, if Americans want to get back down to that good normal life for their children and grandchildren, they are going to have to suck it up, eat the pain and fear, find or grow a set, and start climbing! The only way to that life is up over the ignorance, the falsehoods that one is personally invested in. If one admits that the war one went to, was a war crime perpetrated by ones own side, it then follows that one was a war criminal, willing or not. Such truths do not lead to long, restful nights sleep. Such truths demand that one learns more, that one does more to see that such does not happen again.

Not the easy way. When change comes, and it’s footsteps can be heard approaching, ever nearer, some will cling to their cowardliness and ignorance until it makes them and theirs buzzard food. This is natures way of weeding out the less desirable gene pools. Mother Nature seems cruel to the ignorant and uninformed.

Others will rise to the call, to the emergency, and they will climb their wall of ignorance, personal doubts and excuses, and make it to the top, saving as many of their loved ones as they can. These genes will be passed on.

Mother Nature is very efficient.

Time for Americans to decide if they want to get down the easy way, dead on the rocks below, or suck it up, climb to the top, and walk down the other side.

John C Carleton

One thought on “When the Only Way Down, is Up

  1. Lewie Paine says:

    Good story. Got myself into situations like that before. Nothing to do but finish what I started.

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