Why My Brother Could Not Report a Downed Aircraft in Cambodia

I have an older brother who served in Viet Nam. He was smarter than me. They had to draft him, i volunteered when my time came.

Asked him once what he was majoring in college. I knew he had changed his major so that a four year degree took him five years. He smiled and said, “Draft evasion”.

When i was shipping out to my war, i went to him and asked him if it was really as hosed as i had heard and read.

He replied. “one night this gook got on an island off the perimeter of our camp. He started dropping mortars inside the camp. A chopper went up, put a spotlight on him.” He told me, “I listened on the radio for ten minuets, while the mortars continued to drop, while the chopper pilot begged the base commander for permission to blow the gook away. Base commander kept saying he could not fire because that was “friendly” territory”. Finally the chopper pilot said harshly By God Sir it don’t look to damn f##king friendly to me!” Finally the commander gave permission to blow away the guy who was trying to blow US personal away.

Also told me of the time, at one camp, part of his job was reporting downed aircraft to headquarters in Saigon. Said one day first sargent comes in, says, “Carleton, a chopper is down at grid quadrants so and so”.

Brother said he plotted the grids, and is beating his head on the wall. He could not report a downed aircraft in Cambodia as the USA “government” was lying their asses off, claiming there were no US troops in Cambodia.

Ist Sargent comes running back in, says, Carleton, we made a mistake, the grid quadrants are really so and so.

Brother re-plots it, puts the dead USA service people and the downed chopper JUST inside the Viet Nam line. Brother said cool, i cam report that.

The USA “government” does not know how to tell the truth. The USA “government” does not understand how to stop doing war crimes.

They will have to be shown how to stop raping babies, murdering innocents, invading other nations, stealing from humanity so they can continue their sick, twisted, perverted nightmare of a one world slave camp with them with their foot on humanities neck.

Time to educate yourselves Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to tell the slave master to f##k off.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton.

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