Zionist Yankee Walks to Town for His Heath

This took place in the late 1880s in Texas

My grandfather was working on a sheep ranch at round up time. Any who have not worked sheep, do not understand how nasty sheep are. How stupid sheep are, how hot the work, shearing and medicating. Not work for the faint of heart, or the lazy.

My grandfather hired on for the round up. This zionist yankee, (carpet bagger), hired on as cook.

One day he was sitting up on the corral fence, in his clean white cooks cloths he wore. He, being a typical smart ass zionist yankee, thought he should be derogatory and make fun of the men working the sheep, sweating, getting sheep poo all over them, dirty and hot.

After the men grew tired of his incessant crap, they pulled him off the fence and rolled his better than you zionist ass in the dirt and sheep poop.

Being a zionist, he could dish it out, but not take it. So he took a bottle of Croton oil, and dumped it in the stew he was cooking for the crew.

Now if you are not familiar with Croton oil, a tiny bit goes a LONG way. Take a little bit of that, and it will CLEAN your system out. A small bit will cause diarrhea. A large dose, and a person could cover a plowed field, with a gang of cats digging holes, and another gang coming behind covering up.

Turns out that my grandfather had gone on an errand, and the rancher ate at home. They along with the cook, were the only men on the ranch, not craping their brains out.

Owner found out what happened. He told the yankee scum, that when the men quit crapping their brains out, they were going to kill him. That he better get his ass to town and take the first train somewhere else.

Zionist yankee at first did not believe that the men were going to kill him, as he considered it his right to be a sorry cowardly smart ass who abused others without ramifications to himself. When he became convinced that yes, they were going to kill his sorry misbegotten ass as some as they could keep their pants up, he asked, “well, who is taking me to town”?

Rancher told him, did not say anyone was taking you to town, said you best be gone when they finish crapping their brains out.

Last they saw of the zionist yankee, he was walking the five miles to town, carrying his carpet bag, for his health.

Lots of trains leaving Texas. Zionist Yankees, take note. This is Texas, we do not like or do the Zionist yankee way down here.

All aboard!

John C Carleton

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