A Zionist yankee Just Could Not Keep From Bragging About His War Crimes

The Names of the men are lost. This is a story that was passed down from my great-grandfather to my grandfather to my father to me. A friend of my Great-grandfather, and the names of the Southerners were probably passed down to my grandfather. This could have been any of our ancestors, as there were not many families, that the Zionist yankee war crimes did not touch.

During the late war of rape of innocent women and children, the murder of same, gang rape of nuns and ministers wives and daughters, burning homes down with grandma and grandpa inside, stealing everything the yankee Zionist scum could pry loose, desecration of churches, digging up and desecration of the dead, (the thieving yankee scum dug up fresh graves as they thought some Southerner might be trying to keep the degenerate yankee scum from stealing their valuables by burying then in a grave), murder, arson, beastiality, perversion and occupation, the southern people were set upon by a Zionist criminal cabal, the same one doing Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya today.

One such story passed down, (The Washington DC Crime Cabal will not allow the truth taught in their indoctrinations centers known as public school), happen thus.

Yankee scum troops coming through the country, stealing, raping, murdering. They came to one Southern home. The son was away fighting the yankee scum. At home were the mother and father, older folks, and a teen age daughter. After the yankee scum had stolen everything of value, they started beating the old man up, just in case he had hid something. The daughter, who was heavy set, non the less, jumped in to try to get the degenerate, cowardly Zionist yankee scum off her father, so these “freedom fighters”, kicked her ass also.

After the war was over, many of these yankee scum, when they got discharged, came back South under the Zionist yankee occupation, to see if they had missed anything during the war that they could steal now.

One day, two Confederate veterans, and a Zionist yankee scum carpetbagger met up at a cross roads. They stop, sitting their horses to make small talk. Yankee scum, being a self righteous Puritan, (Zionist), scum, could not help but brag abaout his war crimes, (they were REAL pround of their war crimes).

He said, somewhere around here during the war, I kicked an old mans and a fat girls ass.

Her brouther then pulled him off his horse and was beating him to death. His friend, who had been in the war with him, pulled him off the cowardly girl beating Zionist scum, and told him, “I pulled him off of you this time, by he time I turn him loose, you better be out of sight, cause, I will no do it again.

Being a smart Zionist yankee scum degenerate, he was never seen in that area again.

Americans, this is what the ass holes, the sold out whores, the evil, useless “elites” of Washington DC are still, every damn day, doing to innocent people.

Time to educate yourselves Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to take out the garbage. Time to get real.

John C Carleton

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