Wheres Will? Or Why Some Men Did Not Try To Kill My Great-grandfather

The News seems the same. Washington DC is trying to get World War Three going. Trump seems to still be protecting the “elite” pedophiles who staff the USA Federal Washington DC Empire. Know pedophiles who Trump has said are his “good friends” are running loose, enjoying their bribes and graft. USA Military forces are still committing International War Crimes all over the world.

Enough of that.

1880s Texas. My great-grandfather had a drug store in Llano, Texas. He was a circuit riding methodist minister, a medical doctor, a Confederate Soldier and Chaplain.

The water source in Llano was not the best. About half the town wanted to move the whole town down the road a couple of miles, about half did not. I can not tell you which faction my great-grandfather backed, but that he was a ringleader in one side.

Some men on the other side decided if they killed my great grandfather, the opposition would crumble. So they made their brag that they were going down there and kill that old man.

They rode up to the drug store on their horses. The boys fanned out with their weapons. Great-grandfather walked out with his hand in his overcoat pocket, Colt Peacemaker in that hand.

After they talked a while, the men turned around and rode off. When they got back to their watering hole, the other people made fun of them. Said, thought you all said you were going to kill that old man.

They Answered, we never could spot William. We knew he was there, but we could not find him.

Will was a teenager, and my grandfather. He had been up on the roof of the drugstore, behind the false front old building used to have, with a lever action rifle.

People who would harm you, your family, do not care for laws, rules. They are predators, they care not how much pain they would bring to your life, the lives of your family. They really don’t give a shit.

But they do respect a good weapon pointed at their sorry ass.

Time to protect your families from the scum the “government” makes sure are loose on the streets of America.

Time to protect yourself and family from the criminals of Washington Dc who make sure Americans are victimized by evil people.

Time to educate yourselves to reality Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

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