Youngster Learns It’s Not Nice To Kill Baby Chicks

This happened in 1880s Texas

My grandfather was a young man. He was living at the time with a married sister and her husband on their farm. My grandfather’s father and grandfather were both medical doctors. My Grandfather could not stand to be indoors for long. He had a wander lust, a love for the great outdoors and nature. Fish, hunt, ride back country.

One day he had been out hunting and had killed a bobcat. He came carrying it back to the farm. While he was still in the trees, unseen, he saw that a friend of his sisters had come visiting. They went in the house, left the five or so year old boy outside. He got a stick and begin to kill baby chickens. My grandfather crept up, throwing the dead bobcat at the boy, he let out a dead on Bobcat scream. Cat hit the boy, knocked him ass over head. He got up screaming in terror, ran into the house. Grandfather, ran out, grabbed the bobcat, ran back into the woods to hide it. Bothe women came out hysterical that the boy had been attacked by a bobcat.

Grandfather come strolling out of the woods with his rifle calm as nothing had happened. His sister told him about the bobcat attacking the boy. He told her that he had not seen a thing and he would have if a bobcat had run off. Said the boy is just making it up.

After that, when his mother came to visit, he did not want to kill chicks. In fact, you could not get him off his mothers skirt.

Some people have to have hard lessons, because they are ass holes.

Time to educate yourselves Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get real.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

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