Donald Trump: Americas First Jewish President?-Darkmoon

I will restate for those who are not familiar with my stand on the “Jew” question. Zionism is what i object to, and my mother was indoctrinated with it as a child, and tried to pass it on. Out of a large family, i alone resisted and shook the chains of zionism off. Studied theology at the university level. Grew up a pastors son. He was a Souther Christian, and not a Zionist Christian. He did not know what he was getting with my mother, loved her and made the best of it. I was raised to be a zionist.

It is my position, that all three Abrahamic organized religions are used to indoctrinate children so they carry on war against each other, for the benefit of the baby raping “elites”

“Jew” is a relatively modern word. The original “Israelites”, were Hebrew, these are from every race but the largest chunk, are of Eastern European Khazar heritage.

“Jew”, is a religion. If you want to say it is a race, i challenge you to show me the Baptist Race, the Catholic Race, The Church of England Race, the Pagan Race.

Zionism is the disease, it occurs in all religions, cultures, and sub races.

Knowledge is the cure.

John C Carleton

Donald Trump: America’s First Jewish President?

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