A 12 Gauge Double Barrled Shotgun Trumps a Zionist Virus Infected Yankee

My grandfather Carleton, was born under a military dictatorship. Born in Texas under occupation military “government”. When he was nine years old, still under Zionist Yankee “reconstruction” occupation, a lot of carpet baggers were coming South to see what they could steal from the Southern people. My great-grandfather was Methodist Circuit riding Minister, and a […]

The Lincoln Memorial Must To Be Demolished: Or, Time For Americans To Pull Their Heads Out Of Their Zionist Indoctrinated Asses

Abraham Lincoln was a despicable man. He was a War Criminal of the first degree. Even his own brother in laws, refused to serve in his war criminal army, and fought against the Rape of America. He personally shit on America, and the American people and never looked back. He shut down newspapers which questioned […]