You Don’t Get to Take it With You

Everything you get in this life, materially speaking, stays here as someone else possessions when you assume room temperature. If you could take it with you, it would not in it’s entirety, buy you forgiveness, exempting your from the ramifications of not even one harm you do to another.

So here is the question. Why are you pissing away your life, ignoring your spouse and children, parents, so you can get one more piece of ink and paper. So that you can climb the social or corporate latter. Then you will really be someone.

Except that shit don’t matter. Its crap. What matters is your honor, your truth, your kindness to others when you know damn well, its not going to make you money, but cost you money to do a kindness, to help a fellow human.

Being there for your spouse as you swore to be, being a true parent to your children. Being there when they need you. Remember, they did not ask to be brought into your world, you and one other person made that decision.

Having honor, truth. Doing your duty in this life to that which is.

Thats what matters.

Ever study humans? Your family perhaps, your spouses perhaps, or both. Looked at the history of the family, and identify those things which, are still impacting the children’s upbringing, generations after that trauma or major event happened in the life of an ancestor.

There are damn well things i brought into my children lives that i regret. And the ramifications of those things, will effect my posterity for generations to come. Thats what matters! Screwing up as little as possible, so we bring as little shit as possible to other peoples lives who don’t have a choice in the matter.

Thats the kind of shit we need to be paying attention to. The upbringing and future of our children and grandchildren.

Time to get real Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to be a real human.

John C Carleton

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