Top 10 Broken Promises of Trump’s First 100 Days

Trump has hit his 100-day mark as puppet-in-chief. He made a plethora of campaign declarations and pledges that he has either abandoned — in a most hypocritical fashion — or is unable to fulfill.

Rand Paul warned that Trump was a chameleon in 2015 and cautioned that he was a “consummate insider.” As many of Trump’s former supporters have learned, he was right. Some of the pledges since dismissed by Trump were the very reasons why many voters ultimately chose Trump over Clinton or a third-party candidate.

But as Gary North noted, “Trump is going to back down on the wall. He has backed down on everything else. He is going to sell out his supporters on this, just as he has on NAFTA. This is what all Presidents do. All of them. Anyone who fails to understand this fails to understand American politics.”

The Top 10 Broken Promises of Trump’s First 100 Days

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