Looking For An External Savior

Most people i meet, read about, come across, are looking for an external savior, one that does not require courage, hard work, self reliance or honor.

The world is in, as my non-cursing Father would say, when something was REALLY screwed up, a mell of a hess! Evil people are in places of power, corrupting everything they touch. The Zionist bastards in occupied Palestine, Washington DC, Vatican, CITY OF LONDON, Brussels, bring to mind the book of Job from the Christian bible. There was a day the sons of god came before him. The Devil also came before God. God asked the devil what he had been up to. The devil answered, “Running to and fro on the earth, devouring whomever i may”.

Most folks seem to understand that this can not continue, but rather than doing something about it, standing up, speaking up against the evil, they are scanning the sky, looking for the good guys to appear in an interstellar battle group, kick those zionist asses, and set things right. of course, most of them are part of the problem because their cowardly collaborations allow the evil to continue unabated. Sorry, that interstellar battle group is not coming to clean up humanities mess, humanity has to take their own trash to. No “maid” is coming to do it.

Jesus, the Christ if you prefer, was a man who felt it his duty to lead the Hebrew people back to the “god” of their fathers. This god was female, and the best i can find, a religion of honoring nature, doing right, and helping each other.

The Hebrews were under Roman occupation, as were a lot of other people in that time. The Hebrews were worshiping an adulterated religion which had incorporated the questionable evil practices of the Babylonians. The Hebrews at first embraced Jesus, as they thought he was going to kick the Romans out. When they found out he was not there to kick the Romans out, and that he wanted them to behave, quit stealing the last piece of bread from the widow and orphan, behave themselves, and work on their own lives to build a better world, they murdered him.

If he came back today, said the same things, the Zionist christians, would murder him all over again. They are looking for someone to carry them across the stream of shit they have crapped out on the world, not show them how to clean up their own mess.

Today, Zionist Christians are sitting around supporting the USA Federal Empire murdering the innocent all over the world, while waiting for the Jesus that they murdered already, to “rapture” them out of this world of shit they have made. Still, two thousand years later, they are still doing evil, sitting on their ass, waiting for that external savior.

He is not coming.

Time to educate yourself Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to take responsibility for your own lives.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton.

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