The End Of A Way Of Life Is Upon Americans.

The Way of Life, a certain generation grows up with, never last, and the next is always different, sometime in small ways, sometimes huge ways.

My father was born the year the Titanic went down, 1912. His grandfather, and great grandfathers fought the evil of zionism from Washington DC. His GG GGG GGGG grandfathers fought the British so Americans could have freedom.

Told the story of the whole family, when he was about four or so, going twelve miles in a covered wagon, to pay five cents, to listen to a wind up Victrola phonograph.

He told me of talking to WW 1 veterans. One told him something, stuck with him, and from him to me. Told me, the vet said, “It was a poor mans hell, and a rich man’s heaven”.

He lived during the time of, The Mexican American War WW1, WW 2, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm.

He and my mother sent three sons off to wars.

I remember, they were getting up in years, when my time came. I went to see them before i shipped out. Told my dad, lets go for a walk. We walked out aways, so my mother could not hear. My father and i both knew that the USA had abandoned Prisoners of War, from WW 2,Korea, Viet Nam. I did not want my parents wondering and hoping, if i did not, or a body did not make it back. I had seen parents morn and hope. I knew that my own great grandmother had grieved the rest of her live, because my great grandfathers baby brother, did not make it home. She never knew, where, when, he died.

I promised my father, that if i did not make it back, no body made it back, to not grieve and worry that i was suffering somewhere, abandoned by the same damn bunch sent me there. I promised him that i would not be taken prisoner. That if i did not come back, he could be assured i went down telling them that their mother was lousy in bed.

My old father said. Was going to talk to you about that boy. Now reason to be in a position where you can not keep someone from torturing you. You take as many with you as you can.

My world changed that day, as i gave a promise to my father, i intended to die to keep, if need be. When i came home, my world changed again. I walked into my home, i was a stranger there. My wife and child were strangers to me, and i to them.

Many people who go to a war, never come back. Their walking body comes back, but inside, the soul is not the same. That is a game changer. Some people try to use drugs, alcohol to keep all the strangeness and new world at bay. Some try seclusion from that world. Some are forced, sooner or later, to deal with this new reality. Live or die, but enough fighting the change.

Most people in America today, have never had one of those moments, when their world really changed. They have no clue how to deal with such things.

Now, times they are achanging! The dollar is dying. That means hard times, that means people will go hungry, with out medical care in spots, or because of no money, no work. The “government”, which they thought was a safety net all these years, is going to prove themselves what they are, a bunch of inapt criminals and worse. Right in the middle of this will be our world, Natural, physical, changing around us. Old people will remember a warm, yellow sun. This ones white, and it burns. Seasons are slipping, snow where no one remember snow having ever fallen, giant cracks, sink holes, huge rainstorms, and Mother Nature has not even cleared her throat yet for the second verse.

The Government they believed in, will be gone. Name might still be there. Some people might still be there. But Most Americans, after a few more months, are going to look at Washington, the way i did my house when i came home from the war. Seeing things more realistic now, seeing things with out the bull shit factor now. That government, without the fiat dollar, unlimited debt and printing, will be unable to stomp around the world, demanding other people in other land do exactly as USA tells them, or else.
They will no longer have the wherewithal, to force the States to do exactly as they are told.

This means States are going to have to learn Sovereignty again. In some cases, the States will be worse off than Washington, and the locals will have to band together, to keep the streets clean, some kind of order agreed on voluntarily.

Heres a little secret. Those who recognize something coming, start learning, planning, have a much better chance of surviving to get used to the new era, just as my dad did. From traveling in covered wagons, to people flaying all over the world. Just as i had to do, when my world changed.

When i was in the Navy, they used as a training film, the fire that John McCain started on the USS Forestall. Planes are burning, munitions on the planes going off, people burning. The flight line fire crew were killed. Now some people who should have by the regs, been trained in basic fire fighting at least, were pressed into service. They were going to have to battle fires. They were sitting there on deck, a burning deck,reading the instructions on how to use a self portable breathing device. Now those people had a hell of a lot less chance of surviving, than if the had prepared for something they never though would really happening.

I myself saw people, on a C-141, next stop war, trying to read combat manuals that they should have already known by heart, but war did not seem real. They did not believe that it would really happen. This severally pissed me off, because i had learned, i knew there was a reason i had that uniform. But these lazy dumb asses, these party on, no worries ass holes, these SOB’s were the people that i was going to face an enemy in a war with. And because THEY did not learn and prepare, i had a hell of a lot less change of making it home to my family!

Time has come to separate the goats and sheep. If you are awake, training, planning. Unless those “friends” mean a hell of a lot to you, if they are not prepared and awake, no time. You need to get away from them. They will get you killed. They will try to leach off you, because they did not want to pull their heads out of their asses and prepare. Time to get your circle real tight, and make sure that each in the circle brings something to the table.

Empire is the walking dead, just has not stumbled yet. Dollar, debt as a way of life is dead, the walking dead. Every imaginable food, and product sitting on store shelves on every street, is gone. Its the walking dead, just has not stumbled yet. One does, the rest go down with it, AND-AND-AND, its a new era, like one no one alive has seen before. The Russian came close in the 1990’s but they did not have the drastic earth changes to deal with.

People who have not prepared, are going to have a like experience to when my father decided it was time for me to swim. With me screaming that i could not swim, he tossed me in and said, swim.
And i did. Course my father never taught me how to quit.

Lot of these folk parents did not even teach them how to get started.

Going to get messy.

Time to learn Mr. And Mrs. America.

Time to prepare.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

One thought on “The End Of A Way Of Life Is Upon Americans.

  1. Roz says:

    “Most people in America today, have never had one of those moments, when their world really changed.”

    Since you wrote this, alot have had one of those moments, and alot are awakening as a result. Still a relatively little flock are trying to graft on the sheeple, but it takes some perserverence. One risks being called bonkers, or worse, but if you have proof that cannot be disputed you are safe. Jesus was not scared to tell the truth and neither should anyone be. Some of the awakened are not sharing information or bothering to try and help the sheeple at all. They may reason that its not their job to wake people up, but instead leave them at the mercy of liars and brainwashers. They give up on the sheeple. Not realising that more voices would drown out the lies. They may focus on ‘keeping their vibe up’ or some magical thinking. Or keep to their own echo chamber. But what they’ve learned is a privelidge to know. I beliee not sharing information, not warning or helping sheeple makes them culpable

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