Update On The Zionist Webworms And Zionist Virus Infected Nanny Goat.

The old mulberry tree is still green and lush, providing shade and shelter to outside creatures, including myself taking a break on hot South Texas days.

After the first major Zionist Webworm BBQ, a couple of smaller ones, got them under control. Kill a few each day, maintain the tree, the tree continues to provide. Something in that Zionist Virus just keeps the parasites sucking the life out of the host until the host dies, then they go find a new sucker to leech off of. Killed some today, getting hard to find any in my old friend, the mulberry tree.

The Zionist Virus infected nanny goat that dropped her first born in a cold puddle of water, went off and found her a dry spot without a backward glance, or attention to the calls of the new born, still likes food and sex, but not her baby. Baby nanny, call her little bit, cause she always wants a little bit more milk. Thinks i am her mama. Took care of her from the time she was born. Catch that Zionist Nanny twice a day, when feeding time comes, let little bit have a little bit more. Have to hold her so the baby can eat.

Soon as the baby is on solid food good, the Zionist Nanny Goat will become some of the finest Alsatian goat sausage this side of the Atlantic. Country meat market down the road a piece, does the best.

You see, we don’t need our farm animals, pets, insects, families, surrounding people infected with the Zionist Virus. Just get a lot of death, crime, parasitic behavior. And trying to keep them in line takes time which could be used in productive manners.

Time to Educate yourself Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time total out the garbage.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

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