One Of The Main Reasons, The Corporate Elites Have Tried To kill Common Law Courts

There are many reasons the Elites, and their legal fictions, corporations, have tried to kill off all Common Law Courts, hiding even the knowledge of them from the general population.

One main reason is this. Under Admiralty Law, Administrative Law Courts, can only deal with other corporations. The crime cabal which stole American’s freedom from them, wishes to treat the living souls, as slaves, as property. They can not do this when Common Law Courts are available to the common man. Because, under the venue of Common Law Courts, their status as “working” for a corporation, or even being the owner of a corporation, there are no immunities from being charged with their crimes, when their actions, their employees actions, harm a Living Soul. This includes polluting the land, ocean, water sources. Under their Administrative law courts, they give themselves immunity from prosecution, simply by dreaming up a legal fiction, Corporation ABC for example. When Corporation ABC, causes Living Souls harm, from bad products, cancer causing additive, or pollution affecting the Living Souls, or the Land they live on, they will pay a small fine to the head corporation, in this case, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You will note that VERY seldom, does any of these funds make it to the Living Souls Damaged by ABC corporation. The ABC corporation’s employees, and the owners, are deemed exempt from further prosecution. Now do you start to see why Common Law Courts are the deadly enemy of Pedophile Elites? Under Common law courts, the common man can lay hands on these criminals, give them a fair trial, and i mean that, start bending the rules and you end up like them, you DO NOT want that. Found guilty, the Common Law Court, can pass a sentence to include death, for these crimes.

So you see, the crime cabal hates Common Law Courts, but the right of the common man to his Common Law Courts, is the heritage of those who settled North America. That right goes back to the beginning of time, but became codified into English History in the year 1215, as the Magna Carta. A bunch of baby raping “elite” criminals, and their legal fictions, can not just wave their magic wand, and make hundreds of years of Common Law, Natural law disappear.

One point i want to make here, because i too have been guilty of misusing the word liberty. Liberty is for slaves. Slaves receive liberty to do some acts, or perhaps a day of rest from labor for the master. Living souls have freedom. No one owns you. There is no demon “God” who owns you. There is no King, President, Elite, “government”, Country, which owns you, not under Natural LAW, who’s arm of enforcement of these rights, are the Common Law Court.

The American People MUST reeducate themselves on their Natural Rights, and the use of Common Law Courts, to insure those rights are not violated, not without someone paying a price for that violation of a Living Soul’s Natural Rights.

There is a power, there are strict rules, which runs the universe. There are two opposing forces in this Universe, Dark and Light. One must choose up sides. Freedom is found on the side of the light. Slavery is found, on the side of the Dark. These vile creatures who steal your freedom, rape your children, hell, even cook and eat them, who steal children and sell them for evil purposes. None of that can exist when the Light is shined on the DARK. There can be no dark in the presence of the Light.

Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, has no desire to clean up their filth and corruption. They glory in it, brag to each other of the vile things they do. The Elite thief, the Elite rapist, the Elite murder, does not shine the Light of Truth on their Criminal Acts. The Living Souls, Living on the Face of the Land of North America, will have to clean this up. That can only happen if Americans educate themselves.

Time to learn Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

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