Should The Common Man, Be Forced To Submit To The Elites Corporate, Administrative Law.

Not no, but HELL NO!

It is not my intention at this point, to put forth an in-depth scholarly study of the subject, but to reintroduce the concept of Common Law, or better phrased Natural Law, to the common man. Not many have even heard of the concept, as oppressive governments have stifled the knowledge, and made sure the young are not taught anything of their true heritage. Keep someone ignorant, they are much easier to control. I envision a series of articles which will, like building a stone or brick house, lay one piece of knowledge on the ground level, so as to have a strong foundation, and raise the walls of knowledge on the subject, as high as needed to support the roof of freedom, which knowledge helps to bring to humanity.

Most kings had absolute power within their countries. They could, and did just about what they wanted. Oh, they had to deal with the Vatican, but that was not at a level that concerned the common man. As time passed, some of the common men began to gain some prominence both financially, and personally, they chaffed under the rule of a one man show.The process which brought them to the point of doing something about it has been well documented, there are many books dealing with this alone. If you are interested in the process, you will have no problem finding more written about it than most people will read.

June 15, 1215, on the battlefield at Runnymede, King John was surrounded by some of the most powerful Barons of England. They demanded that certain rights, legal proceedings, protections, for all Englishmen, be recognized by the Crown, and ratified in the document they put forth, the Magna Carta. King John was a spoiled little brat who had been taught that “God” himself picked King John To rule . So he did not have a happy reaction to this, but considering the Barons armies, he did not have a choice.

Twenty five Barons became, along with their personal armies, the “ensurers” of the rights listed in the Magna Carta. In other words, if the spoiled brat King John, tried to ignore these rights, these barons took an oath to take their armies and take care of the problem, namely the King.

I am proud to say, that of those twenty five ensurers, at least fifteen, are my direct ancestors. So you see, i have skin in the game, ensuring that the rights of the common man are returned to him. I inherited that duty, along with the blood. First, the common man must understand those Natural rights, which are theirs by birth, which no King, government or agency, has a right, legally, to take for anyone.

The roots of American Law goes back to early England. The humanity which for the most part, colonized North America, were a mixture of the four cousins. English,Irish, Scotch and Welsh. The law they brought with them, which they transplanted with themselves, in North America, came from hundreds of years of humanity trying to fight it’s way out of the ignorance of the dark ages. When the common man, grew very tired of having no rights under an absolute kingship, as a merchant class grew which were not “nobility”, but they now had raised themselves above the daily fight to get enough to eat, they turned their attention, to winning some rights for the common man.

This Natural Law is governed, by common law. Common Law Courts, decide issues arising from the implication of these rights, or the violation there of. Common Law Courts have nothing to do with the “law” of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The USA, is a international corporation. Each of the fifty “State” governments, is a sub corporation, of the USA for profit Corporation. Each county or parish “government”, is a sub corporation of the sub State corporation. Each incorporated city, in each of the counties or parishes, is a sub corporation of the County or parish sub corporation, to the State sub corporation to the “Federal government”, which is not a government, but a corporation.

Got that? Fine Circle Jerk.

The Law which Governs Corporations, can not legally be applied to humans, or the common man. This law, as practiced by the USA, and it’s sub corporations, is administrative law, carried on under Admiralty Law, or The Law of the Sea. Thats right, when they drag you down to their illegal municipal courts to pick you pocket of your hard earned labor, because you went 10-20 over the speed limit, they are doing a criminal act, because these corporate rules, do not apply to the common man, as the common man is in no way a corporation, and these administrative laws, can ONLY deal with administrative tasks within the corporate structure.

AT the current time, these criminal corporations, (governments if you prefer, but they are not, they are corporations), are acting as if common law does not exist. They use their domestic military force, (LAW ENFORCEMENT), to jail, break legs, falsely imprison, rape, murder, those who try to avail themselves of their Natural Rights.

Remember, your Natural Rights can NOT be LEGALLY taken from you by any other human, King, Government, Democracy, or alleged court.

Thats enough to chew on for now. The next article in this series will delve more into what NATURAL RIGHTS means, how they affect you and your dealings with other people.

If Americans are to be free, and they must be, whether they want that or not, then they must cease being ignorant. The USA for profit corporation has tried to insure that you grew up ignorant of your Natural Right, and the Common laws that support those rights. If you remain ignorant, you will remain a slave to some of the most vile degenerate pedophiles, murders, thieves, rapist, homicidal maniacs, that presently exist in the world.

Time to educate yourselves Mr. and Mrs. American

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton