A John Hagee Zionist Christian Dies, Appears Before The Repeseanative Of The Light.

The Angel of Death transports a Sunday morning shouting John Hagee Zionist Christian to their duly appointed meeting with the representative of the light.

Standing before the Representative.

Halleluya! I made it!

Rep.; Well,you made it this far, now we review your life.
JHZC; No need to do that, I AM BORN AGAIN!
REP; Nope, you just died again.
JHZC; But i mean, surly you have my throne ready on the right hand of God!
Rep; Everyone goes through the same processing, no special passes.
JHZC; Thats BS, John Hagee told me personally that the ten Million i donated to the fund to plant trees over the scars of erasing heathen Palestinian olive groves, cemeteries, and demolished towns would buy me a throne on the right hand of God!
Rep; Well why did you not say you were a John Hagee Zionist Christian, we don’t have to review your file at all you are right!

Rep; calling off to the rear.
Get the down elevator ready, this way if you please, you will be with your god very soon.

JHZC; No! I’m going up!
Rep;, There are no mistakes, you have to go be with your god, and he is down, not up.
JHZC; This is BS, I gave Ten Million!
Rep; Where you get that currency?
JHZC; Why i earned it of course!
Rep; Earned it?
JHZC; Yes earned it!
Rep; Hmmmmm! By kicking widows and orphans out of their homes?
JHZC; They wanted it!, They begged for those loans!
Rep; SO someone claiming to be a christian, practiced USURY while abusing the poor, sick, widowed and orphaned! Not very “Christ like” i would say.
JHZC; The wanted those loans, they asked for it! They always ask for IT! Heathens!

Rep; calling to the rear. Hold the down elevator, the scum is challenging the verdict, going to have to run his life.

Rep, lets see? Hmmm. See you drowned your little sister when you were six and she was three.
JHZC; No! No! She slipped into the deep end!
Rep; There you see you push her in and laugh as she drowned, because you were not the center of attention anymore.
JHZC; No! No! She slipped.
Rep; Here you are when your parents died that had she lived, you would have had to share the wealth with her!
Rep; Hey zionist scum, the true records do not lie! Hmmmm! I see where you raped a girl on a date when you were eighteen and she was sixteen.
JHZC; No! NO! She wanted it! She wanted it!
Rep; Hmmmm, see where that caused her to have mental problems, and a shortened life from drugs and alcohol trying to deal with the pain, says here, you never gave it a second thought.
JHZC, She wanted it i tell you!
Rep; Says here you raped the young daughter of a church family who you were acting as a mentor to.
Well, She wanted it, I tell you she did. Anyway, i gave a bunch of money to the church and asked God to forgive me so that don’t count.
Rep; Don’t work that way. No special passes, every one pays for everything they do.
JHZC; You are a heathen, you are a tin foil hat wearer, you are a conspiracy nut, you are anti-semitic, you are from the Devil.
Rep; Nope i am from the Light, the Devil is your god, always has been. No need wasting more time.

Rep; calling to the rear, send in the imps of hell to escort this zionist pig scum to his just reward!

JHZC; Voice diminishing in the distance; No! No!, They needed killing, They wanted it! you are making a huge mistake.

Rep; Now where is that industrial strength disinfectant spray?

The Ole Dog!

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