Americans Seem Unable To Understand The Concept, or Definition of War Crimes.

When War Crimes are brought up, Americans are trained, conditioned, to stand up proudly, and say in a derogatory manner, Adolf Hitler. If that don’t work for your background, one is allowed to instead substitute Joseph Stalin.

Whichever you use, you are an American, you know that The United States is blessed by “God”, that the US was ordained by “God” to spread the USA’s “Godly Democracy” to the heathen world.

The concept of the UNITED STATES, as a International War Criminal organization, run by warmongering whores, who sold their souls to evil, who regularly rape and murder children, is a completely foreign concept to a large portion of the North American souls living on the face of the land.

The common Englishman, Irishman, Scott,Welshman, along with a smattering of French, Italian, German, Dutch and some others, who fought for freedom in a new land, had that freedom stolen from them by the evil that is Washington DC, short years after a hard fought, multi year war of death, deprivation and hardship.


A time line of the wars the United States started.

The United States, or the UNITED STATES, is not the Land of America, it is not the living souls, living of the face of the Land of North America. The three things are not the same, and have never been the same.

The UNITED STATES, is a for profit International Corporation, incorporated illegally under British EMPIRE LAW. Yes, the same British Empire that the original Rebels revolted against so they and their posterity could be free in a free Land.

You as an American, should be free, you should not be a slave to the British Empire. Your Ancestors fought, (if you are a latecomer, and you love freedom, and wish to raise your children not as slaves, but freemen and women, welcome, the original Rebels fought and died so that your prodigy could be free also).

One small problem. The International War Criminal, pedophile elite, has stolen from my and your prodigy, that freedom. Someone who steals your freedom, is not your buddy or friend. They are your enemy till death.

It is not the intent of this piece to write a complete history of the war crimes and evil of Washington DC. So i will jump to the present.

At present, Trump is CEO of the International Crime Cabal Corporation for Profit, doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Trump is not really in charge, he is just the latest puppet face for the American people to take their anger out on, or love, as the case may be.


Trump is. He admits to attacking Sovereign Foreign Nation States, which have not, has not threatened to, has no intention of attacking America or Americans.

A countries “Head of State”, can run their mouth all they want to, say like what people are told comes from North Korea, and that does not give a legitimate excuse to physically attack another country.

To attack another country, for what some one said, for made up lies, Late war of rape, murder, theft pedophillia, arson, invasion and occupation of DC against the Southern States. Spanish American War, WW one, WW two, Korea, Viet Nam, Serbia, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, were all Wars, that were none of the evil of Washington DC, the evil pedophillic USA Federal Empire’s, business.
They were all wars that DC either lied to start, or lied to get involved with. Of course, the “elites” of the pedophillic DC, do not fight these wars, they and their children do not bleed and die in these Zionist Banker Wars.



America Has Sold Her Honor, For a Warmer Place to Sleep, (And a Cold Sixpack)!

So who is an United States International War Criminal?

Trump has already admitted to his war crimes.

Every person, who works for, votes for the Demophiles or the Repubiphiles, supports physically, or vocally, works to advance the war crimes being committed, serves in the United States Military, FBI, CIA, HLS, EPA FDA, and a host of other zionist alphabet agencies. If you are LAW ENFORCEMENT, you are an International war criminal, (note, USA Law Enforcement, and American Peace officers are not the same thing, no matter how hard they try to indoctrinate you that they are).

If you say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the UNITED STATES, you are an International War Criminal.

The UNITED STATES is a INTERNATIONAL war Criminal Organization, who’s solders, (not all) rape little children in front of their parents, as an interrogation method. Thats the excuse anyway. Who’s soldiers go to foreign lands, which have not attacked America.

There they destroy the country, steal the wealth, gold of the Sovereign State, murder children, old folks, goat herders, farmers.

When the people of that country try to defend their countries and families against these child raping, child murdering, grandpa and grandma murdering, husband and wife murdering scum, these war criminals then try to use the legitimate defense of home and hearth that all humans have a Natural, or God given if you prefer, right to, as a farther lie and excuse to continue their war crimes by claiming that the people of the land, resisting an illegal invasion, makes them “Terrorist”.

So if you stand for the Star Spangled Banner, pledge to the Flag of the United States, Vote for the Demophiles or the Republiphiles, Call people trying to show you the truth, Tin Foil hat wearers, conspiracy nuts, (notice how all these poo-pooed conspiracies are one by one, being proved true), do not teach your children the truth, look in the mirror, and meet a United States International War Criminal.

You can not be a True American, and support the United States in all of its baby raping, murdering stealing crime and evil. The time is past to try to straddle that fence.

Those who try to straddle the fence too long, usually end up with a foreign object up their rear orifice.

So are you an American, or a pedophile serving and promoting International United States War Criminal. Can not be both. Time to choose sides.

Time to take out the garbage Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

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