If Nitwityahoo Had Slipped and Said Shit In The Halls Of Congress!

If Nitwityahoo, when he was getting serviced in the Halls of Congress, in Washington DC, had slipped, and said SHIT!, The vast majority of House of Representatives, Senators, White House Staff, Supreme court, and Department heads, would have had to buy new undergarments and take a shower. The Chambers would have probably been sealed off as a Hazardous Waste site, and required Super Fund clean up.

This is a disgrace that the “elected” officials in Washington DC Piss themselves with happiness at the words of a baby murdering Son of a Bitch!

Time to take out the Garbage Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

11 thoughts on “If Nitwityahoo Had Slipped and Said Shit In The Halls Of Congress!

  1. ronny says:

    I lie the poetry and elegant worded comment – gets right to the point.

  2. USAdevilscom says:

    2 The Southern Strategy. The success of law and order rhetoric among working-class whites and the intense resentment of racial reforms, particularly in the South, led conservative Republican analysts to believe that a “new majority” could be created by the Republican Party, one that included the traditional Republican base, the white South, and half the Catholic, blue-collar vote of the big cities.49 Some conservative political strategists admitted that appealing to racial fears and antagonisms was central to this strategy, though it had to be done surreptitiously. H.R. Haldeman, one of Nixon’s key advisers, recalls that Nixon himself deliberately pursued a southern, racial strategy: “ Nixon emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to.”50 Similarly, John Ehrlichman, special counsel to the president, explained the Nixon administration’s campaign strategy of 1968 in this way: “We’ll go after the racists.”51 In Ehrlichman’s view, “that subliminal appeal to the anti-black voter was always present in Nixon’s statements and speeches.”

    Republican strategist Kevin Phillips is often credited for offering the most influential argument in favor of a race-based strategy for Republican political dominance in the South. He argued in The Emerging Republican Majority, published in 1969, that Nixon’s successful presidential election campaign could point the way toward long-term political realignment and the building of a new Republican majority, if Republicans continued to campaign primarily on the basis of racial issues, using coded antiblack rhetoric.53 He argued that Southern white Democrats had become so angered and alienated by the Democratic Party’s support for civil rights reforms, such as desegregation and busing, that those voters could be easily persuaded to switch parties if those racial resentments could be maintained. Warren Weaver, a New York Times journalist who reviewed the book upon its release, observed that Phillips’s strategy largely depended upon creating and maintaining a racially polarized political environment. “Full racial polarization is an essential ingredient of Phillip’s political pragmatism. He wants to see a black Democratic party, particularly in the South, because this will drive into the Republican party precisely the kind of anti-Negro whites who will help constitute the emerging majority.

    The War on Drugs proved popular among key white voters, particularly whites who remained resentful of black progress, civil rights enforcement, and affirmative action. Beginning in the 1970s, researchers found that racial attitudes—not crime rates or likelihood of victimization—are an important determinant of white support for “get tough on crime” and antiwelfare measures. 87 Among whites, those expressing the highest degree of concern about crime also tend to oppose racial reform, and their punitive attitudes toward crime are largely unrelated to their likelihood of victimization.88 Whites, on average, are more punitive than blacks, despite the fact that blacks are far more likely to be victims of crime. Rural whites are often the most punitive, even though they are least likely to be crime victims.89 The War on Drugs, cloaked in race-neutral language, offered whites opposed to racial reform a unique opportunity to express their hostility toward blacks and black progress, without being exposed to the charge of racism.
    Reagan’s successor, President George Bush Sr., did not hesitate to employ implicit racial appeals, having learned from the success of other conservative politicians that subtle negative references to race could mobilize poor and working-class whites who once were loyal to the Democratic Party. Bush’s most famous racial appeal, the Willie Horton ad, featured a dark-skinned black man, a convicted murderer who escaped while on a work furlough and then raped and murdered a white woman in her home. The ad blamed Bush’s opponent, Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis, for the death of the white woman, because he approved the furlough program. For months, the ad played repeatedly on network news stations and was the subject of incessant political commentary. Though controversial, the ad was stunningly effective; it destroyed Dukakis’s chances of ever becoming president.
    Once in the Oval Office, Bush stayed on message, opposing affirmative action and aggressive civil rights enforcement, and embracing the drug war with great enthusiasm. In August 1989, President Bush characterized drug use as “the most pressing problem facing the nation.”90 Shortly thereafter, a New York Times/CBS News Poll reported that 64 percent of those polled—the highest percentage ever recorded—now thought that drugs were the most significant problem in the United States.91 This surge of public concern did not correspond to a dramatic shift in illegal drug activity, but instead was the product of a carefully orchestrated political campaign. The level of public concern about crime and drugs was only weakly correlated with actual crime rates, but highly correlated with political initiatives, campaigns, and partisan appeals.92

  3. USAdevilscom says:

    1 The rhetoric of “law and order” was first mobilized in the late 1950s as Southern governors and law enforcement officials attempted to generate and mobilize white opposition to the Civil Rights Movement. In the years following Brown v. Board of Education, civil rights activists used direct-action tactics in an effort to force reluctant Southern states to desegregate public facilities. Southern governors and law enforcement officials often characterized these tactics as criminal and argued that the rise of the Civil Rights Movement was indicative of a breakdown of law and order. Support of civil rights legislation was derided by Southern conservatives as merely “rewarding lawbreakers.”,

    For more than a decade—from the mid-1950s until the late 1960s—conservatives systematically and strategically linked opposition to civil rights legislation to calls for law and order, arguing that Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy of civil disobedience was a leading cause of crime. Civil rights protests were frequently depicted as criminal rather than political in nature, and federal courts were accused of excessive “lenience” toward lawlessness, thereby contributing to the spread of crime. In the words of then-Vice President Richard Nixon, the increasing crime rate “can be traced directly to the spread of the corrosive doctrine that every citizen possesses an inherent right to decide for himself which laws to obey and when to disobey them.”

    Early on, little effort was made to disguise the racial motivations behind the law and order rhetoric and the harsh criminal justice legislation proposed in Congress. The most ardent opponents of civil rights legislation and desegregation were the most active on the emerging crime issue. Well-known segregationist George Wallace, for example, argued that “the same Supreme Court that ordered integration and encouraged civil rights legislation” was now “bending over backwards to help criminals.”43 Three other prominent segregationists—Senators McClellan, Erwin, and Thurmond—led the legislative battle to curb the rights of criminal defendants.44

    As the rules of acceptable discourse changed, however, segregationists distanced themselves from an explicitly racist agenda. They developed instead the racially sanitized rhetoric of “cracking down on crime”—rhetoric that is now used freely by politicians of every stripe

  4. USAdevilscom says:

    Dr Preston James: War on Drugs is PREMEDITATED GENOCIDE.mp3 https://yadi.sk/d/karKWPVgfLuGs

    • Nationalist Globalist Oligarch says:

      Pretty unsuccessful genocide considering their constant population growth…

      • USAdevilscom says:

        Typical rethuglican filth. Anybody who comes to the USA and sees the disparity between how whites and blacks live knows this is a racist coubtry. By the way, this preoccupation with “population growth” was invented by people who worship the devil. Dumbass.

  5. USAdevilscom says:

    You have no. moral authority to take on the devil worshippers

    • John C Carleton says:

      Zionism scum? Truth hurts?

      You must have your ticket already for the great sheep BBQ.
      You are under the illusion that you get to eat at the great sheep BBQ.
      In reality, that ticket reserves a place for you ON the buffet table, not at it.
      And Another one bites the dust, and another one, another one bites the dust!
      You might not have noticed where i admitted being trained as a zionist by my mother, just did not drink the grape cool aid. Did study theology at university level.
      Know what, you can fill a room with the current crop of “theological experts”, and those sheep herders will agree on very little on interpreting the bible.

      I believe in free will, free choice as long as one does not try to force their religion, or the ramifications of it on other people, unlike self righteous zionist yankee puritan control freaks. So you enjoy that sheep BBQ.
      And another one bits the dust, OH YEAH!

      • USAdevilscom says:

        You’re an idiot. You studied theology? So even with that ejoomacation you couldn’t tell that bush, Rockefeller and kissinger (the heart n soul of the rethuglican party FOR DECADES) were EVIL? You stupid fuck, we’re all born knowing right from wrong, you filthy klu klux klanner scum. Southern bybthe grace of God…what an ass. You’re supposed to be humble, moron!

        • John C Carleton says:

          I know more about your religion than you do. For forty years i warned the sheep. Now ids a time for a great gathering of sheep souls, as they missed the boat. Good luck with that.

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