Zionist Webworms!

The wife and i have been living in this house for many years. When we moved in, the house was an old one added on to, and the only air conditioning for the South Texas heat was a couple of wall units. Guess a bird took a dump, and planted a mulberry tree right where the water dripped out of one cooler. Tree came up within inches from the house. Told the wife, i have to cut it off or dig it up. It can not grow properly where it is. I had no idea, that such a small shaft of a tree, could have such deep roots. I got it up, and replanted it back of the house a bit.

Years later, it has grown wild as an old Mulberry will. It has provided shade to the dogs, cats, chickens, kids and grandkids for years. Built the chicken house under it, keeps the South Texas sun off of the chicken house.

In South Texas, there is a breed of web worm just loves mulberry tree leaves. Every year now, i have fought them. Last year, i had a lot going on, and they striped the tree, almost killed it in the spring, come fall, they were back to try to finish the job. This is when i discovered that they were Zionist web worms.

Regular web worms would understand that if they killed the tree, there would be no more leaves to eat, and regulate how much of the foliage was eaten, leaving enough to sustain the tree, there by providing future substance for their prodigy.

BUT OH HELL NO! they try to eat every leaf on the tree, there is no thought of allowing the tree to live. Their lust of gluttony is insatiable. It does not matter these Zionist Web Worms, they only want what they want without consideration of what any other living thing wants. they would have killed the tree years back if i did not burn their little Zionist infected asses up regularly.

I have had many lessons on this subject. Having gotten, while trying to figure out the hows and whys of humanity being here, to the point that i did not want to kill anything. The Light, Mother Nature, whatever name you prefer, gave me several versions of the same lesson. Sometimes, there just is not redeeming grace for a nasty, parasitic, destructive organism, what ever form nature had packaged them. Sometimes, you just have to burn those web worms, step on those cockroaches, fry those fire ants. Evil, mean, destructive beings which do not care the death or destruction in their wake. These type beings refuse to live in harmony with nature, or other living things. So, you have to destroy then, if you want to survive, if you want nature to survive, the trees, plants, all other living things.

When Zionism has infected the mind, it matters not, what package nature put that despicable creature in, It is them, or the rest of living things on Earth. If humanity wishes to survive, and not kill the Earth, humanity is going to have to step on each and every organism which has become infected with Zionism!

There is no other alternative. Zionist refuse to live in peace with those surrounding them.They do not care how much heart break, tears, pain, hunger, hopelessness, death they inflict to those around them. Never give it another thought.

Personally, after i feed the animals this morning, i will get my torch, and burn some more Zionist web worms, anywhere i find them trying to spread death.

Time to take out the Garbage Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

One thought on “Zionist Webworms!

  1. Professor Professorson-Berg says:

    79 countries.
    109 times.
    Spain 4.
    England 7.

    But since they keep to themselves and never tell others what to think and how to live, it must be everyone ELSE who is the problem…

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