America Has Sold Her Honor, For a Warmer Place to Sleep, (And a Cold Sixpack)!

America as a whole, no longer possesses Honor! America sold that Honor for a perceived warmer place to sleep, a cold six-pack, and meaningless sex.

America was built on Honor and hard work. I said America. Washington DC is not now, and has never been America. Washington DC has never possessed Honor, the evil baby raping servants of the dark side hate truth, Light, human kindness, humility. They glory in evil, depraved practices. Washington DC and IT’s evil, are a cancer on the ass of America. IT needs to be surgically removed from the ass of America.

Now, back to America. The men who fought the first American war for freedom, (termed the revolutionary war by Washington, the second American war for freedom is termed by the lying POS from Washington DC, as “the Civil War. As a Southerner, i can tell you there was nothing “Civil” about the way the evil Washington DC Zionist empire raped the Southern children, murdered them by the thousands), did not fight for Washington DC, they fought for freedom and liberty for America, and Americans. remember, America and Americans, and Washington Dc are not now, and have never been
the same thing.

Let me introduce to you some of the men, who fought under George Washington for freedom, and how he betrayed them, sold them out, helped steal their hard fought and won freedom for Empire and thirty pieces of silver.

Lewis Carleton. My ggg grandfather.

GGG Grandfathers discharge from the American forces, Virginia. Three years service. Wounded in the chest at Brandywine. Listed on Vally Forge web site as being in Hospital and standing guard duty there. Serve in the N.C. forces after discharge.

John Wright. My GGGG grandfather, who died shortly after the war, from complications with his lungs, from soldering in the wintertime, for freedom and Liberty. George Washington betrayed him.

A description of his death. He thought he was dying having won freedom for his posterity. But bWashington DC stole that from them. He died for nothing.

William Petty Jr. Served two enlistments in the war. Died of old age, in a land where the freedom he fought for was stolen by George Washington, and Washington Dc.

Meet Willian Lewis Carleton, the Grandson of Lewis Carleton, the gg grandson of John wright and William petty. He fought Washington DC in the Second American War for Freedom. He was a second cousin to George Washington.

Lewis William Carleton. Medical Dr, Circuit riding Methodist minister, Confederate Soldier, and Confederate Chaplin.

The freedom that these men paid for, was stolen by the elite of Washington DC. Washington DC was born to lies and betrayal.


Perhaps, some of the g, gg, ggg, gggg grandsons of the men who won the freedom for Americans, not Washington DC, can find their manhood, stand up against the evil that is using their children for sex toys and cannon fodder.

Time to take out the Garbage Mr. and Mrs. America

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

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  1. Lewie Paine says:

    Good post!

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