Zionist and “Jew”, Are Not The Same.

In my writings, and on discussions on “news” stories, when one uses the word zionist, all the thirty shekel whores come out of the wood work.
An old trick the Zionist try to use, is to attack anyone who dares shine the light on the evil baby raping/murdering Zionist perverts, parasites, and degenerates, is to immediately shout as loud as they can, “ANTI-SEMETIC”.

Zionist have nothing to do with Semitics. I know some Palestinians, the ruling Royal Family of Saudi are Zionist, but not all Semitic peoples are Zionist.

What they are trying to claim, is that you are against the little zionist crime cabal, (British Anglo zionist outpost in the middle East), which is Holocusting the Palestinian people, raping their children and stealing the Palestinian’s land.

Well, i am against them, just as i am against zionist everywhere. The Eastern European Khazars occupying Palestine, ARE NOT SEMITIC.They are not descended from the Hebrews.
They are descendants of Turkmen/Slavic, from the Steepes of Russia and Ukraine.

Know who was a Zionist. My mother, two brothers, three sisters. and a bunch of nieces and nephews
who are Zionist.
I have nothing to do with them, as it is not good to associate with evil.

I was trained in Zionist theology, can give it to you verse by verse.
Wore the cover off of more than one KJV bible.
When i say Zionist, I know what i am talking about. and when i say being a member of the Judaic religion alone, does not make you a zionist, i know that of which i am speaking.

Mother tried her best to indoctrinate me, i refused.

There are many who are labeled as “Jews”, who were raised in the zionist indoctrination culture, just as i was, who reject it, just as i have done.

So take your Zionist Christian ignorance, or your thirty shekels for being a Israhell internet whore, and shove it where the sun don’t shine. You bore me!

Time to take out the garbage, World. Time to get er done!

John C Carleton