My God is bigger and badder Than Your God!

Remember when you were a kid. Did not matter if it was your father or older brother. When little kids got together, the bragging rights were about who’s father or older brother was the biggest, baddest, and could whip the other guys father or older brother.

Well, MY GOD IS BIGGER AND BADDER THAN YOURS! That is the claim of the Zionist.

To hear the Zionist tell it, their imaginary “God” is bigger and badder than anyones God. That means, they can rape your children, they can steal the last penny from the widow and the orphan, using USURY, which Jesus ran them out of the temple with a whip for doing. They can use their “Administrative law courts”, to steal all you have, falsely put you in prison, send your children off to murder people in foreign lands, and shit on them when they come back messed up physically or mentally. They force you to have your children injected with toxic concoctions which destroy the bodies natural ability to fight off sickness, as well as injecting heavy metals known to be very harmful to humans, especially the mental development of children. They daily spray fly ash, left over from burning coal in power generating plants, on your homes, lands, children, and your heads. They demand that you allow “immigrants”, who hate you and your culture, overrun your towns and cities. They steal your labor, and give it to other people, other countries, their rich buddies.

Their “god” told them you are their cattle. And all Zionist know, cattle do not have a soul, so one can do any damn thing one wants to them.

Well you zionist bloodsucking degenerate baby raping scum, my “God” is bigger and badder than your god. Odin told me, zionist scum is the dog crap beneath humanities feet, they have no soul. He told me, they act like rabid skunks, got to treat then like a rabid skunk. Said that the cowards must be helped along in their evolution, cause they did not seem to be progressing on their own.

He also told me that their “god”, was a demonic little coward who did not have the balls to do his own killing. Said their god was a little whining bitch, wanting people to bash babies brains out against the stones. Wanting to make slaves of people. A real mentally unstable homicidal maniac, just like his followers.

Time to wipe the dog crap of you boots Mr. and Mrs. America. Time to take out the garbage!

Let’s get er done!

John C Carleton

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