Same Neck, Different Boot.

To the man who is being brutally oppressed by invalid “authority”, his main concern at the moment, is not which would be slave master has their boot choking the air off from his lungs.
It is getting one more breath of fresh freedom air into his lungs!

Let us take a swift look, so as to keep this a short read, at the history of the boots which have choked off freedom air from the lungs of Americans.

When the Europeans started colonizing North America, unless one had the misfortune of living in New England or Massachusetts, where the remains of the criminals who caused several wars, and chopped off the kings head were hiding out, one was relatively free.

When a king was reinstated, British authorities had to come over, get some of them in chains, and take them back to face justice for the crimes against humanity and the Crown.
Now if one were unfortunate to live there, one either did exactly as the Zionist control freak “Puritan” religious fanatics told one to do, or they gave you a fake trial, murdered you, and claimed you were a witch.

Everyone else were relatively free at that point.
There just was not a lot of the kings men in the colonies, and these were vast lands.
If one wanted to get away from The control freak, holder than thou, self righteous zionist Yankees bastards, and the kings men, one had only to go west.
Dangerous out there, took real men, with real women to do it. It took an inborn rebellious nature when it came to authority. Thats where the Scotch-Irish came in.

The Scotch and the Irish could be called cousins, which they surly were some distance back, yet each developed their own culture, language, and identity as a people. Both were looked down on by the Welsh and English as barbarians, uncouth, vulgar. Course, this was more than likely because the English could whip them every now and then, but they just WOULD NOT, like good conquered people, stay whipped. Kill a bunch of them out, their sons grow up, had to do it all over again. Something rebellious against invalid authority runs in their veins.

For the most part, these were the people who despised a boot on their neck so much, they would rather face the dangers of the frontier, and there were many, than submit. This was a new land, forming a new people.

Some like the evil Zionist Criminals holed up in Mass.and New England, prided themselves that they were the “Pure” Anglo Saxon” race. Others laid aside the old caste system, and intermarried.

The Irish were sent as slaves to the colonies before African slaves were available. “criminals” were sent to the colonies as slaves. I have a friend who’s Irish Ancestor was sent as a slave. My line, came from the nobility, and the criminals. My 3ed great grandmother Carleton’s grandfather, was an Englishman, caught trying to steal a pewter sign off a business in London, sent as a slave.
Such mixtures of English, Irish, Welsh, Scotch, and some French, formed a new people, who for the most part, moved as far away from the dishonest Zionist yankees as they possibly could, but from the king’s men as well.

These are the people who became the Southern people, these became the people for a large part, populate the frontier west. The zionist did not like places where there was danger and hard work., they always preferred to come along after was the frontiers were settled, and steal everything with their crooked Administrative Law Courts.

Safer for Cowards that way.

To save space and time, if you are interested in how the Zionist yankee scum got control of America after the first American War for Freedom, i will insert a link to another piece that deals with the overall process.


You will find, that the grandsons, and the great grandsons, of these Southerners, who won the first American war for freedom, (Souther boys had to go help the yankee in their battles, but no yankees fought in the South, except a few yankee officers forced on the Southerners), fighting a second American War for Freedom, against the racist, self-righteous, sanctimonious, holier than thou, stealing, murdering, conniving, lying, indoctrinating, control freak criminal Federal USA Washington DC Evil Empire. And they lost.

Thats why you are having a hard time getting a breath of freedom air in your lungs.

Americans fought a War, to take the British boot off their necks, and exchange it for Zionist boot.
To the American with the boot on their neck, trying to suck one more breath of freedom in, the Zionist boot feels just like the British boot.

It is time for Americans to have another America War For Freedom. This one must be won in the Americans minds, they must throw the Zionist boot off their minds, so that they lose their indoctrinated slave mentality, and start breathing freedom again!

The rest will work itself out.

Time to get er done Mr and Mrs. America. Time to take out the garbage.

John C Carleton

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